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Positive Thoughts And How To Get Past Negativity

Positive Thoughts

By Marina Babenko

You might already know that thinking positive and being optimistic is important for being happy and bringing good things into your life. For many of us, it's a daily struggle to be optimistic and believe that our dreams can come true. Feeling trapped or depressed about our life and circumstances can lead to depression, sadness and the thought that things will never change. Eliminating these negative thought patterns and trying to be optimistic is often very difficult but there are a few things that you can do to get moving in the right direction and become happier in the process.

Chances are that you are confronted with that fear or worry every morning when you wake up. Once the fog of sleep clears, you come face to face with the things that worry you the most. Maybe you hate your job or your love relationship is in shambles. Perhaps you have a mountain of debt that is causing many other problems in your life. Is this the most productive way to begin your day and tackle these troubling issues in your life?

Make a deal with yourself that you're not going to let these negative thoughts take up space in your mind for a certain amount of time each morning. When you are confronted with these bad thoughts, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're going to put off even thinking about these things until you've had a cup of coffee or until you're fully awake. Love yourself and give yourself a break first thing in the morning. Without your mind functioning at its best, nothing good is going to come from this worry and you're only going to get a bad start to your day.

Knowing that you're thinking in a negative fashion or that you're worrying excessively is another thing that you can do to circumvent the real problem at hand. Knowing that you're working against yourself and focusing on the problem instead of allowing a solution to come into your mind might be a good way to look at this. Fear and worry cloud your judgement. They block your intuition while positive thoughts filled with optimism about your ability to find a solution to the problem at hand helps your mind to work to find that solution.

Seeing that you're worrying too much can often snap you out of this pattern and enable you to take action when the time is right. Fear is a part of our instinct that keeps us out of trouble but part of that fear instinct causes us to freeze in our tracks. This is the same thing that happens to a wild animal caught in the middle of a highway. Fear can be a powerful emotion that can help us to do amazing things but when it causes us to freeze or become overly worrisome then our life and our dreams will be found dead along the side of the road of life. Relieve yourself of that worry or debilitating fear by thinking off into the future. What will your life be like when you solve this problem? How will it feel to have all of your bills paid and up to date? Will you smile when you have the loving relationship that you want and need? How fast will you spring out of bed when your days are filled with doing some work that you love? Think of these things, close your eyes and experience these emotions whenever you're overcome with worry and fear.

Persistence is the key to eliminating negative thoughts and worry from your life. Not allowing negative thoughts to take up too much of your time and energy while focusing on finding a solution is possible and practical. Those negative thoughts very well might come back but if you are ruthless about recognizing them for what they are. Focus on your life without the problem and you will find that you're happier, healthier and more motivated to change your life.

Visualizing and dreaming are both tools that you can use to free your mind from worry and fear. Feeling as if you are actually living a different life without these problems will begin the process of allowing your mind to find a solution to any problem that you might be having. Every great thing in this world began with a thought. Let your mind roam free and give yourself permission to dream about the things that will make you happy. Is it a loving relationship, a life free of debt or a career that brings you joy and fulfillment? No matter what it is, you deserve to be happy.

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