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Set Your Intention To Be Happy

Expert Author Georgiana Carollus

Positive states of joy, love, and enthusiasm can overcome and neutralize negative states of anger, hatred, or apathy. Strong determination, action, and effort can develop these positive habits and make them predominant. Setting an intention to be happy and living and acting from your intention can dramatically increase your level of happiness.
About 20 years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a series of lectures on happiness given by the Dalai Lama. According to the Dalai Lama, happiness is not only our right but it is our responsibility because by being happy, we elevate those around us with our contagious happiness. The Dalai Lama said that happiness is a mental attitude, a state of mind, and not primarily dependent on external conditions. We can actively choose to be happy and we can discipline our mind to choose happiness by confronting our negative states of mind and transforming them into more positive ones.
I have found that one thing that stood in my way of my happiness was my desire to be right. I'm now much more aware that "right" is only relative. Each of us has our own preferences and values that we have developed through our life experiences and what we have been taught. The more that I can acknowledge that each of us has our own mental model of the world and the less I can release my ego's attachment to being right, the happier I can be. And, no doubt, the people around me would say that they're happier, too!
Another method to move into happiness is to ask yourself, when stressed, if feeling badly is going to make your situation better. It may be that you need to process some feelings to feel better and if this is true, you should process those feelings. But you may realize that feeling badly in response to a situation creates a cycle leading only to anxiety, stress, depression, despair, and resistance to change. Ask yourself in that moment what thought you can have that would make you feel better. Your thought could be anything - the thought of a loved one, the memory of a sunset, music you love - whatever resonates as a good feeling for you. This newly activated thought may only make you feel better for a few moments. If you return to feeling badly, lovingly repeat the process.
Set your intention to be happy. Monitor your internal dialogue and watch when it tries when it tries to lead you toward more negativity. Cultivate happiness by actively working on and changing your mental outlook.
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How to Be Happy Regardless of Your Circumstances

Did you know that happiness comes in 'threes?'
When we think our life is on a downward slope we often regard ourselves as a victim of it. We act as if happiness is somewhere out there, and react as if we are at the mercy of our circumstances. With this perspective we experience one rough spot after another. Some of us manage to deflect despair by employing the old belief that things come in "threes." Our solution is that if we can maneuver through the succession of mishaps, our luck is sure to turn around.
There is little truth to this superstition. However there may be some value in the theory of 'threes' that can be applied to durable happiness and help us to be more than merely a victim of our circumstances.
There are three facets to happiness:
1. The Pleasurable Life
Happiness and positive emotion derived from material things and conveniences.
Although these types of pleasures are enjoyable, alone they offer a sense of fulfillment that is often fleeting, leaving us wanting more.
2. The Good Life
Happiness generated by a sense of engagement, passion, and flow inspiring us to work hard for a particular cause that leads us to deep satisfaction from a hard-earned goal. This was the motivation for the contributions made by Edison, Einstein, Salk, astronauts and mountain climbers.
3. The Meaningful Life
Happiness built upon positive core values and a sense of purpose that supports the common good and where joy is accessible regardless of circumstances. Examples of this facet of happiness include Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.
Durable happiness is ours when we balance these facets.
The keys that assist us in creating this balance come in another set of 'threes':
1. Choice
The first key is to know that we are not victims of life and can choose where we place our focus. We may not always be able control our circumstances, but we always have control over how we view them.
2. Accountability
The second key is to be accountable by having our words, actions and intentions match. This means that we must get clear about our own definition for success, our own values, and our own self-worth before we balance them with the expectations of others.
3. Response - ability
The third key is one's ability to respond rather than react to life's challenges. It is our responsibility to develop compassion, patience, forgiveness, and acceptance to live a more meaningful life.
Simple reminders come in 'threes' to help us apply what we have discovered about authentic happiness:
1. Focus on what's working in your life rather than what is not, empowered by knowing you have a choice.
2. Make it a point to love yourself as much as you love others, knowing that to be authentic you cannot give from an empty cup. Use gratitude as your antidote for worry as you count your blessings often, trusting that love is the answer to every question.
3. Life is not by luck or by chance, you are not a victim of your circumstances and the best things in life aren't things. Happiness is yours not only when you reach a specific destination or goal. It is durable through a three-fold journey of pleasure, flow, and meaning. The choice is yours to savor it every step of the way.
And, remember, third time's the charm.
Rhonda Hull, Ph.D., an innovative mentor, speaker and author of Drive Yourself Happy: A Motor-vational Maintenance Manual for Maneuvering Through Life, nudges willing women to transform their relationships with health, worth, wealth, success and happiness, showing it is possible, even in this crazy world. Visit Rhonda at: http://www.driveyourselfhappy.com, email:
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Happiness, Play And Be Happy

Happiness has been described as an illusion, a warm bath, a bowl of cherries, and many other things by many people throughout time. It is not an abstract concept but there are many descriptions which make the feeling of happiness an individual experience. Since the concepts of happiness are reliant upon the mindsets and emotional states of each person who experiences them, there is a "fuzzy logic" kind of feel to it. Often people attempt to describe their state of mind and body as being directly related to an experience. People say that they are happy for many reasons, and for the most part will attribute those reasons as mirrored expressions of their physical and the emotional state which they experience as a result.
In an attempt to nail down the truth about what "being truly happy" means, it is essential to examine the basic needs that have to be met for people to feel that they have reached this euphoric state of mind. The basic needs of all human beings are water, food, shelter, companionship, and health. If any of these are missing it becomes difficult to maintain a happy disposition. Considering that most of these conditions are met, generally people in the modern world can achieve "happiness" on a regular basis. In considering the state of childhood and infancy, babies and small children according to several studies, smile 62 percent more than their adult counterparts. The rationale as to this deficiency in adult levels of happiness can only mean that at some point people become less happy as they get older. If all of the basic needs are still being met from child to adulthood, one must assume either "something has been taken away" or "something else has been added". In either case in order to change these levels of happiness, something must have "changed" to subsequently reduce smiling capacity by 62 percent. If something got changed, then in theory it can be changed back again!
In people's adult lives, things do change as they get older. Increases in responsibilities and requirements to earn an income, greatly detracts from the leisure of "playtime" that most people experienced as children. The action of aging itself has become a condition that for many reasons adds to a persons unhappiness. The evolution from child to adult and then to parent is a journey of increasing responsibilities and diminishing play time, compounded with a sense of becoming older and less likely to participate in play of any sort. People are living longer but attitudes towards well-being as the population ages are not promoted equally. There are preconceptions regarding "older people who play", but does it have to be this way? Could this increase in responsibilities and accompanying stresses be the reason for the decrease in levels of laughter and happiness? Most likely this is a key reason why most people become "less happy" as they age. They have forgotten how to play. It would seem that the stresses and lack of playtime greatly detracts from a person's ability "to deal with the stresses" they are accumulating as they grow up. As children we could "laugh and forget" about the injustices and mishaps encountered on a daily basis. As adults we don't shed the "feelings of unhappiness" quite so easily.
The solution isn't necessarily to merely take on fewer responsibilities; rather it makes more sense to increase our playtime and "happy state of mind". As small children, the imagination makes up a huge part of our psychological "well-being". The ability to dream up ideas and creatively play with the idea of things used to make our existence more meaningful. As adults we are told often "to grow up and stop behaving like children", perhaps the opposite is what we should be telling each other. While it's true we must take on many more responsibilities, we can still keep some of the key attributes we had as children. Of these, the values of friendship and "fair play", and how to make others laugh are important functions in the transition from our young lives to our maturity. If somehow people could merge the games and imagination used in their youth with the daily requirements of adulthood, perhaps their lives would be happier. Since there are times when play is not recommended, by finding things "we like to do", people can establish hobbies and pastimes that enrich their lives at the end of the work day. Simple things like drawing and pottery or a martial arts class can mean the difference between being able to shed the stresses of the day and "carrying them over" to the next day. Parents can join in more of the games that their children are playing, even if it does take them a while to catch on to the rules! The bonds that this will help to form and the resulting energies exchanged by getting down on their level, will go a long way to promoting a much better perspective on life.
As time passes and the memories of childhood fade, so too does our memory of what it felt like to "laugh out loud" in the very realest sense of the now much over used text abbreviation. Instead of allowing our lives to become chaotic pits of desperate and relentless stresses, we must continue to play our games and laugh with our friends. Barring the loss of the essential basic needs of survival, we must strive to use our imaginations and come up with new ways to truly "enjoy our lives". By pursuing happiness we are extending our journey here, not only for ourselves, but for all who are within earshot of our infectious laughter. Remember the old Chinese proverb, "where there is laughter, happiness likes to be!"
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Finding You And Port Charlotte Mental Health

By Janelle Burnett

Port Charlotte mental health therapists are there to talk to about relationships you are in and may be struggling with. Marital discord today leads to a whole array of problems both from a financial aspect as well as from an emotional one. It leaves us feeling and wondering who we are as individuals as after any kind of discord such as a divorce, we often find ourselves struggling to make sense of it all.

By not discussing problems that you may be having with a friend, this can often lead to friction and discordance between two people. Money does matter and because of this it is essential to put it to good use in circumstances surrounding disputes between two close friends. Therapists can show advise you how to go about rectifying problems and resolving issues you may be experiencing.

When marriage partners break up because of whatever the case may be, individuals find themselves faced with loss. Marriage breakups or relationship breakups can be likened to a branch breaking off a tree and falling to the ground. This is a metaphorical description but although when bonds are severed so severely, partners find themselves wondering what when wrong and try to make sense of the pain they feel inside.

Many people do not believe in this kind of healing and have their own ideals as to how their lives should be lived. For some earning a living takes precedence over anything else and they invariably put their shoulders to the wheel and use all their physical strength in pushing those worries and heartaches out of their minds. For some it becomes too difficult and too painful to discuss those parts of their lives that have brought them so much heartache.

These reminders perpetuate in the mind long after any type of loss whether it be the breakup of a relationship or the loss of a loved one to death. Many people profess to be strong enough to handle situations like these on their own. They may go about this in their own ways of self healing however with no one to talk to about the way they are feeling can often lead to more discord in their lives.

It may seem inconsequential for some but each person has his or her own worries that they struggle with on a daily basis. These could be lack of confidence or the inability to be able to communicate with others in a relaxed fashion on any kind of subject. Mental health specialists work with you to overcome debilitating feelings of depression, fears and anger to mention a few emotions.

Mental health therapists offer viable solutions in helping you put your life back on the road you would like it to be on. It is a process of finding that warm fuzzy place inside again. Invariably when we are unhappy it is because of our own inner confusions.

Port Charlotte mental health therapists guide you in showing you a better you. It is a process of self discovery of those things you failed to see in your own mirror and the reflection looking back at you. It is an advisable practice to incorporate this means of healing into your daily life.

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Why Use Family Therapy Port Charlotte FL

By Janelle Burnett

Many households find the use of family therapy Port Charlotte FL a useful solution to the unending problems that seem to be plaguing their household. Families at times are not aware of the acronymity among them and each individual in a family will develop their own reasons as to why they feel unhappy in their family situation. Practical issues that are not being attended to on a daily basis is usually a sign or signal that a family are not bonding as well as they could be.

When families are not able to sort out their problems themselves, this it a time that they turn to professionals and counselors that can assist them and offer them a more objective perspective. The therapist in essence is really an objective observer to begin with as after all, on booking your first appointment, it would be their first time that they would be meeting with you. First appointments usually involve talking about background information and is a chance for each person in the family to introduce themselves.

For instance, a family that is experiencing a financial crisis may single out an individual in the family to offload their frustrations and anger onto. This is not good behavior as blaming another family member for something that may be out of the control of the family as a whole will eventually prolong the healing process of persons living in a household. Strong family bonds can be severed in an instant from an outburst of anger and leave children wondering for some time as to why they were shouted for something they felt they played not part in nor did anything wrong to warrant such an outburst whether it may have been from a father or mother.

A financial crisis coupled with a physical crisis can and does throw the dynamics between members into disarray. It is a time to take stock of where you are heading and how each person can contribute to making their household a more harmonious place to live in. Therapists will offer advice as to how to accomplish this and try to solve those practical problems that are causing animosity between them.

This is why seeking out the help of therapists who can guide you back onto the road of well being is so important. Many do not do this. It is not uncommon for them to take their own lives and commit suicide.

It is a process that strengthens you rather than weakens you. As worries and hurts from the past can be likened to a metaphorical pair of handcuffs that you unconsciously and consciously carry with you through your entire lifetime. In understanding what they are allows you set those worries free and with it gain new perspectives and a better outlook on life.

Anger is a debilitating emotion. It does however stem from somewhere. Anger develops because of confusions that you have yet to understand.

Family therapy Port Charlotte FL encompasses so much more than this. Each individual in a family has his or her own feelings and because of this, it may be required to that each household member schedules individual one on one appointments for themselves. In this way the therapist is able to gain a broader perspective of the family as a whole by getting to know and understand each person that makes up the household in its entirety.

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Why Hire A Voice Over Coach NYC

By Janelle Burnett

There are many ways that an actor can get work. Most people often think of actors in terms of movies, stage performances and television series. Yet many do background work using strictly their voices. Because this type of performance is unique within itself, proper training is a must in order for a successful to reach its peak. In order to obtain these necessary skills, a voice over coach NYC is hired to help improve ones ability in this arena.

The skills that are needed to be successful with this particular area of entertainment are much the same as traditional acting performed before an audience. The biggest variance being that the actors are heard and not seen. This requires more oral training that than of perhaps the performer that must strongly make a more visual impression to the audience.

To understand how to make those subtle distinctions between the physically seen actor versus the verbally heard, a professional trainer is pursued either within an organization that specializes in vocal training or an individual instructor that works one on one providing individualize attention.

The trainer teaches how to take uttered sounds and turn it into a tool that is sought out by those that are looking for distinguish and unique vocal abilities with varying ranges to suit multifaceted purposes. There are a few actors that come to the table with natural God given capabilities however for the most part training is inescapable to be able to reach higher performance professional levels.

Instructors are good at helping the student to fine tune their own natural abilities and promoting their talents that will make them stand out. One of the best prominent factors of being a voice actor is the capability to be creative vocally. To be able to project the appropriate emotion representative of an animated character or clearly broadcast a national commercial that conveys the correct concept is an example of a properly trained artist.

Most teachers have actual experience in this field therefore they are able to offer hands on knowledge of what to expect in this business. Having this type of background, they are capable of passing on the vocal inflections exercises, the tones or even accents that may be required for any given assignment. They can also teach one how to propel themselves in the industry with the use of a demo tape or mocks that will get the attention those hiring.

Coaches are experienced in using the proper equipment, such as a microphone, headset or even recorders, which is necessary when working in the studio. These are a few things that a producer will look for when hiring a perspective actor. It does not matter what the potential job may be, but what does matter is that the actor comes away prepared to work.

When looking for a voice over coach NYC, many will advertise near local colleges, near the drama or music departments. Try the nearest theater for bulletin board postings or search online via social media avenues that work with performance professional. If you live in places where the work for such an actor is plenty, finding a coach is relatively easy.

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Expert Author Chris P Filippou

People are continuously asking the same question; How can I be happy? What they don't realize is that the answer is quite simple, and it should be.
Why should finding happiness be difficult when the definition includes feeling emotions of positive, pleasant emotions and joy?
Here is a list of 8 simple actions you can do daily to be a happy person.
1. Start your day with positive affirmations.
If you wake up in a bad mood, expect your day to be down in the dumps. The good news is you can change the outcome of your day in an instant, and the sooner the better. Tomorrow morning before you even get out of bed, tell yourself that you are going to have an amazing day. Tell yourself you are going to hear great news all day long. You will be happier all day, just thinking that good things are on the way.
2. Smile, Smile, Smile.
One way to make you feel better inside is to smile. It's simple and it's free. Science proves that is will boost your mood and increase your potential for long term happiness. If you don't smile regularly, force it until it becomes natural. Seriously, try it now, I bet you'll feel better already!
3. Surround yourself with only things you love.
Jot down a list of things that make you feel good inside. Keep this list on you and read it every day. It could consist of music, people, or pets. The options are endless, but only YOU know what makes YOU feel good inside. Once you have your list, try and surround yourself with only those things. Keep the positive energy flowing.
4. Give someone a compliment.
It's human nature to think that receiving a compliment is the best thing for us, but it's actually complimenting others that makes us feel better inside. Complimenting or helping others is where we find true happiness in ourselves. Try to compliment someone at least once a day. You'll be happy knowing you just made their day.
5. Stop complaining. It's bringing you down!
You may not even realize you are doing it. Complaining and whining are constantly bringing your inner emotions down. Instead of asking "Why can't I ever win?" or "Why does this happen to me?", try re-wording it into a positive question. What can I do next time to help me win? What can I do better to make sure this doesn't happen again. Talking negatively will limit your happiness, so learn to speak positive.
6. Act like a child.
Do you remember how it used to feel when you were a kid playing outside? No worries in the world, just enjoying the sunshine on your face running barefoot in the grass. Try to do this more often. We often forget that it's the simple things in life that give us the most happiness.
7. Laugh Often.
Laughter is one of the best feelings in the world. It expresses pure joy. Figure out what makes you laugh the most, and surround yourself with it. It could be a person, or a social environment. Laughing is also important in happy relationships. Stop being so serious all the time!
8. Get a dog or cat, or both.
The amount of joy you will get from a dog or cat is off the charts. You will never feel lonely and they will love you unconditionally. I myself have 2 cats and a puppy. The house is always full of life.
My father convinced himself that he hated cats. Well, that was until my brother rescued and brought a kitten home. It's now his best buddy. He even told my brother that when he moves out, the cat stays.
* * *
I strongly believe these are the most important things you can do on a daily basis to not only increase your happiness, but erase negativity in your life.
Good luck!, a place for everything happy.

How to Be Happy Alone

Expert Author Alex J Lloyd

It's not always easy to be happy alone, especially in a world that seems to be dominated by family groups and couples. But being single does have a great deal of advantages and in this article we'll look at how to live a happy life on your own.
Enjoy life
The great benefit of being alone is that you have the ability to do precisely the things you like, you have no requirement to invest time doing the things your partner wants to do, or spending time with their family or friends. Rather, you can spend more time with your own family and friends or doing exactly just what you wish with your time.
If you are creative, you ought to have lots of time to be artistic. It does not matter if it's as an expert or as a pastime, you'll find it extremely rewarding to create something.
Do not dwell on what you have not got
Men and women who have partners may seem blissfully happy, however looks could be deceptive, they have to deal with a different kind of problems, such as arguments with their partners and all the problems that children bring. So be positive and grateful that you do not have those problems to deal with.
Follow your dreams
Men and women with a partner or children may often need to give up on following their dreams, since they really don't have the time any more, or since they should earn money doing a job they hate to feed their children. If you're alone, you should have more time to devote to doing just what you actually desire with your life.
Keep in close touch with your friends and family
Not having a partner might be lonely sometimes, so it's important to keep in close contact with your friends and family. They can provide you with the support network that you need to make it through life's difficult times.
Keep busy
It's good to keep on the go as you don't wish to dwell on being on your own but to make the most of it. So devote time doing hobbies you delight in, or start fresh activities. In addition to being enjoyable and challenging, it should allow you to discover brand-new things and meet new people.
Volunteering is an excellent way to spend your time, since along with helping out a great cause, it will keep you busy, introduce you to new experiences and people, and make you feel great about yourself.
Buy a pet
Even if you have fantastic friends and family, it can sometimes be a bit lonely having no-one to share you home with, and having a pet is terrific way to have some companionship. Dogs are especially great and loyal companions, although they do need looking after and taking for walks. Cats are a lot more self-contained, but still provide fantastic companions.
Searching for a partner
If you're alone, however do not want to be, then make the effort to discover a partner. Keeping yourself busy by doing lots of things should help you encounter like-minded possible partners. Or you could possibly try web dating which brings success to many who try it.
Hope this has given you some help in how to be happy alone.
For more information on how to be happy, and how to live a happy life, please visit us at The Happy Hut at The Happy Hut is packed with information and advice on how to make your life as happy as possible, including the excellent FREE eBook 'Become Your Best Self'

What People Need To Know While Seeking For Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles

By Tamika Quinn

It is normal for a human being to feel anxious from time to time. However, such a feeling should not occur for no reason. If this happens and continues for days such that your daily routines are disrupted you should consider getting treatment. Prior to getting anxiety treatment Los Angeles residents must try to learn more about the problem in order to get the right remedy.

Knowing the symptoms will help you address the issue as early as possible. Some of the common symptoms include restlessness, irritability, feeling tense or on edge, poor concentration and impatience. There are also some physical symptoms such as jaw pain, headache, muscle pain, difficulty getting sleep and excessive sweating. As you can see, all these are natural conditions that occur in daily life so they must be excessive for them to qualify as symptoms.

The conditions could also be a result of medical conditions that are yet to be identified. Therefore when getting a solution, you should be evaluated by a doctor first to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition that might exhibit similar symptoms. Once this is done, you should proceed with the treatment.

You might opt for natural remedies or work with a professional to defeat the problem. The natural remedies vary so you can pick your preferred option. For instance, you might opt for a physical remedy such as massage therapy, which helps reduce muscle tension. It also helps relieve stress and improve sleeping patterns, which will be beneficial in dealing with anxiety.

Some remedies will work on the mind. Being anxious is a state of the mind so these solutions are more likely to produce better solutions. Some of the remedies in this category include meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis. All these remedies will help reduce stress hence they are helpful for the overall goal.

One can also use herbs to deal with the problem. In this case you will be looking for herbs that are used to treat insomnia. You can also add essential oils to your bath water since they help reduce nervous tension. Among the most commonly used herbs is lavender. One can also use it as a base for blends of herbal remedies.

In your effort to deal with the problem, you should consider the diet you take. It is important to consume enough vitamins and especially vitamin C, which helps keep stress levels normal. Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 will also help the body deal with stress effects. Including enough minerals in your diet and especially calcium and magnesium will help the nervous system keep functioning.

Apart from the foods you include in your daily intake, there are those that you should avoid because they have a negative effect to what you are trying to achieve. These include sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol. This is because they elevate the stress levels in the body. With this information in mind when searching for the best kind of anxiety treatment Los Angeles residents will be able to make a better choice.

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How Do I Be Happy Alone? - A Guide For Being Content Without Others

Big life changes, such as divorce, death or even something as beautiful as seeing your children mature and leave home can leave you suffering from the loss of companionship and have you asking yourself, how do I be happy alone?
So many empty hours now feel thrust upon you, everything is your sole responsibility and you've become so use to sharing experiences with others that the idea of having that sharing with only yourself feels both daunting and plain lonely.
But, with a bit of effort and perspective you can and will learn to be content all on your own. Read on to learn how.
Understand Your Own Worth! You're a valuable person, and you don't need any one else's approval for that to be true.
Maybe you're divorced or have lost a friend and this has bought insecurities, but think about it - something about you attracted them in the first place.
Besides that though, the reason you're alone right now is because you choose to be. Don't believe me?
If I said I'd give you a million dollars if you could only find somebody to spend time with - anybody - you'd probably be back within the day to collect your money, complete with photographic evidence of you two spending a day at the movies, or the mall, etc.
It's very easy to find somebody to spend time with, but when you have high standards for the people you allow into your life, you're reaffirming your own value. If they're not right, they're not good enough for you and you're better off alone.
Know You Don't NEED A Partner! Often when people start asking themself 'how do I be happy alone?', it stems from an idea that they aren't complete without a partner.
This ties in with what we said above, but is more directed towards your attitude about how you're perceived by others.
Social acceptance of your relationship status may take a hit in some circles if you remain alone, but the benefit is for you and others.
Firstly, you are free to live your own life without the burden or discomfort of a partner who doesn't fulfill you're needs.
Secondly, you're free to meet some one who enriches your life, and who fulfills you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
An added benefit is you're fortitude and courage can inspire others to go down your path and remove negative stigmas where they exist.
Stay Sociable! This might sound a bit against the point, but hear me out.
When you are alone, you have no commitments. You have nothing holding you back. You are free to do whatever you want. Seize this opportunity now! Get some friends together and go wild. Nurture your family. Find a group or club in whatever interests you. The social world is your oyster. Cherish this golden time.
Make Plans For The Future And Take Immediate Action! Take some time and decide where you want to go in life. It doesn't have to be amazing. It just has to be there.
When you're with others, it's very easy to conform to their wants, needs and comforts, and it's very easy to fall into the trap of feeling the need for approval before doing anything.
Now you're on your own, you choose your own path. The great thing about this is - once you have direction, it's so much easier to get where you want to be. Don't worry if you don't know EXACTLY where your going, at the very least a direction will lead to towards the area in life you want to be, and you can choose from there.
The important thing here is to take IMMEDIATE action. Don't waste a single moment. Don't wait for 'the right moment' because it's here already, and it's leaving. Take it while you can.
Stay Healthy! (Or Get In Shape)
When alone, it's easy to become lazy, to go for the cheap, unhealthy meals, to skip the gym and to sit in front of the TV all night eating junk.
I'm sure we all aware of the many benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, so let's sum it up with - being healthy changes your body, changes your mind, and all around changes your life - for the better!
Healthy is happy.
Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted To! To me, when some one asks 'how do I be happy alone?", I feel the urge to tell them all the amazing things they can do! Of course we need to first address the issues they're facing, but once they've dealt with that and have the right mindset going... it's just amazing!
Remember, it's all about you now. Do anything you want. Sewing, Archery, learning to fly a plane - anything you want!
You know better what you'd love than I do, but if you're looking for a suggestion, I'd recommend checking out a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that utilises various holds and locks (so don't worry about being striked in the face) and is a wonderful and fun way to learn self-defense for men, women and children in a generally friendly and welcoming community, with the option to compete in many tournaments.
Being alone doesn't mean being cut off from the world. The world is still where it's always been. Just now you have the option to take only what you love and leave what you don't.
You're free to surround yourself with who you choose, but you don't need a single person other than yourself for your happiness.
Vaughn Thomas Mottram runs a website for people unsure where to go next in life, as well as for people who simply want the best life has to offer.
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Tips In Improving One's Tennis Mental Game

By Adele Madden

Participating in sports is more than just learning the right physical moves. Aside from training to learn the right ways to hit the ball, you must also train to make your psychological well-being prepared for all that the games entail. You must see to it that you find ways in order for you to develop this aspect properly. Tennis mental game is an essential factor in winning so it must be improved.

Using his mental skills is a big factor for him to win his matches. He can use this not only to plan his moves but also to handle the adversities that he might experience during the play. The condition of his mind is a big part in how he receives or directs the ball and this can also let him exploit the weaknesses of his opponent.

Focus is also very essential if you want to win. You must ensure that your mind is thinking about the point at hand and nothing else. You must now dwell on those points that you lost since these can only be distractions. You must ensure that your mind is directed towards your goal so that you can use the right techniques while playing.

Visualization is also very essential for this matter. You must use this so that you can create certain plays mentally. By doing this, you can see in your head what you want to achieve and you can envision certain events that you can do on the actual game. If you can do this, you can believe that it will happen and it will be a big confidence booster when you play.

Through this process, one will also be able to control his body language. He needs to display the posture that can tell his opponent that he is tough and strong instead of displaying a message that he is not mentally and physically ready for their match. His posture can also affect the confidence of his opponent in beating him.

Keeping any negative emotion is necessary for her during the games. She should prevent any feelings like frustrations, anxiety, or anger. These feelings will not help her in any way because it will only lead her to create mistakes. If her head is filled with doubt and if she is frustrated, her shots would not be as strong and it might lead her to lose.

Being behind in points must not make you feel discouraged. Instead, you must use it to drive yourself to catch up and win the match. Great players feel confident about their training and if you are one of them, you must keep this in mind so you can continue to win the game. If you are confident to win, you can surely turn it around by using the best strategies.

Each player can make a mistake during the match. The difference among them is that those who are great use these mistakes to improve his game. This can be an opportunity to learn what went wrong and he can use it to come up with a better strategy against his opponent.

Tennis mental game paired with excellent physical abilities can make you a great player. You must develop these aspects properly to achieve that goal. This can help you win the matches and excel in your chosen sports.

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How To Be Happy In a Relationship? Be Authentically You

Happy people tend to be happy with themselves flaws and all. In fact, happy people tend to know their flaws intimately but they are more likely to laugh about them than take them seriously. With this knowing that it is perfectly normal to be imperfect, happy people express themselves authentically and the good news is that they allow others to do the same.
If you have ever wondered how to be happy in a relationship, then the quick answer therefore is that it is critical to be authentically you. This is crucial because being you is the only way you can have relationships with the people with whom you are a perfect match.
Happiness in life comes in part from having happy relationships. The reason your relationships don't work is not because you are who you are, it is because you hide who you are. In so doing, you attract people who are perfect for your fake persona but who are not a great match for the real you. Even the biggest jerks if they are authentic, will have true and dear friends who resonate with them.
You are a complete stranger to the other person in every relationship in which you are faking it. That person may have seen you hundreds of times, and may know you for many years, but they have absolutely no idea who you are. What if they are also deceiving you in the same way? It feels uncomfortable to think that the people you know are strangers to you, doesn't it? Yet many relationships are struggling with this deception without either party knowing it. Every now again one person slips and their real self is expressed and it catches the other person off guard. In fact, many relationships including marriages have ended with one or both partners thinking "It's almost like I didn't even know him/her!" Has this ever happened to you?
If you find yourself feeling drained or tired after spending time with someone it may be because you are using a lot of energy trying to suppress your real self. Being afraid to say what you really think, agreeing when you really disagree, pretending to like or dislike things when the opposite is true, saying yes when you really want to say no, are all tell-tale signs that you are not being authentically you. Finding happiness in your relationships will be difficult if your fake persona is preventing you from truly enjoying the experience of spending time with others.
Pretending to be who you are not, hiding your flaws, and wearing a mask wears you out. Faking is fatiguing and trying to fool others that you are perfect is a fool's game. To create more joy it's much wiser to just be yourself, flaws and all. Stop pretending, take off your mask and start being unapologetic about who you really are. Being unapologetically you will result in pure freedom and in that way you can achieve happiness. Freedom to be, freedom to express, freedom to explore, freedom to create amazing relationships.
Visit the #1 resource on the internet to start your journey to becoming happier. When you visit us read our blog and leave us your comments. Sign up for our free course: Stumbling Blocks to Happiness which takes you through the 3 biggest blocks that are standing in the way of your happiness and what to do about them.
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How To Make A Difference In The World

By Camille Nicholson

If you are looking to contribute on how to make a difference in the world, there is actually things that you can do. You do not need to be a celebrity in order to effect the change. Any ordinary person can do this and the community needs the participation of every person whether he is an ordinary citizen of this country or a celebrity.

It is hard to be selfless in your actions. There are always motives why people are doing things and why things are like that. There are always reasons and objectives and these things are not always in congruent to one's own purpose in life. Leave the big acts of kindness to organizations because sometimes you are so consumed of the idea that you are no longer moving.

You are no longer putting the ideas into action. Start small for you home and with yourself. There is always something to change about yourself that can have a significant impact of the environment and in the things around you. Take for example, you can start recycling things at home.

That should change if you expect this place to become better for human living. If only people care a little for others and in the little things around him, this place would have been a better place to live. There would be no one crying alone in the dark, people in some parts of the country going crazy and hungry.

Another thing that you can do is to start conserving energy at home. You know when you start this, it can induce a lot of savings in your home utilities. You utilize energy when you turn on your heater. Energy is used every time you turn on the light, the stove, the air conditioner.

Also, know that you can earn money from your recyclables. Say for example, tin cans and materials made of metals. There are yards that buy scrap metals. Again, you can contact these yards for this purpose. You can also check the internet for these yards. In act, you can try to locate the junk yards that are near your location.

When appliances are turned off when they are on standby, a lot of energy is saved. You know already that there is shortage of energy all over the planet. Sooner or later, humans will deplete all the available energy this plant has to offer. It may not be right now but soon.

If you enlist the help of the members of your household, doing things is going to be easy. With the help of all members of the family, doing the conservation efforts is more fun to do. It is different when the whole family is involved. It makes the campaign more worthwhile and the effects are far reaching.

Your kids can share the news with their friends in school. Who knows that their friends can share the same information with their own parents and then it can start from there. Another how to make a difference in the world is to start saving energy at home. These conservation steps need not be so sterling.

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Passion Test - How To Divorce And Be Happy With Your Ex

Expert Author Hadley Finch

Get the keys that help millions unlock the door to an exciting, passionate life and also transcend typical baggage of divorce in Part 1 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Janet Bray Attwood.
Janet is the NY Times Bestselling Co-Author of The Passion Test - Discovering the Effortless Path To Your Destiny. She's helped millions of people find the easy, exciting path to the life you love.
Hadley: Passion is the key to your destiny. Let's help people who want even more love and excitement in life. Let's help people go from where you are now to where you want to be, reaching your peak of passion, pleasure and performance in life and love.
When you embark on any new journey, you need a new map to guide you. Your new map is The Passion Test. It's helped millions of people find the effortless path to an exciting, fun, fulfilling destiny. Janet, tell us how you were guided to find an effortless path to your own destiny during an early trip to India.
Janet: It guided me to one of my paths, which was to interview masters from all over the world. In The Passion Test, we say that when you're clear about what you choose to show up in your life, it will--and only to the extent that you're clear. That was something I got really super clear on, because it was a great love of mine, as I went to India over five times.
Hadley: Aren't you in India now?
Janet: Right now, I'm in Germany with Chris Atwood, my co-author of The Passion Test. He's also my ex husband, my best friend and my business partner. I'm staying his wife, his wife's mother and their two daughters. I'm their god mother.
Hadley: It's extraordinary how you and Chris could go through a divorce, and you end up as loving, friendly business partners, as godmother to your former husband's children and a friend to his wife. How did you make that happen?
Janet: The world is as you are. The world will reflect back to you how you are to yourself. Both Chris and I have practiced TM mediation for many years. That really helped with transition of getting a divorce. We didn't go to war with each other. We just realized that the relationship as we knew it was over.
We also knew that it was insane for people who'd fallen in love, who'd said, "I love you forever" and then, just because something goes awry, they decide they can't see each other again and become mortal enemies. Chris and I found that insane.
Here's someone you loved more than anyone in the world. Just because they didn't do things your way or you didn't do it their way, you think you can't be in each other's world. We thought, "How sad is that."
Chris and I also are practitioners of the work of Byron Katie.
Hadley: I love her "turnaround procedure."
Janet. It's a process to undo limiting beliefs. Byron Katie says that when you're attached to how things should be instead of how things are, you'll feel one of three things: pain, separation and suffering.
Chris and I are huge advocates of consciously loving what is. Then you don't let concepts ruin your world. It's a concept that an ex wife can't be best friends with a new wife. When we allow these concepts to take over our world, then our world becomes very small and very limited.
Byron Katie says that until you can say to a loved one who's walking out the door, "Honey, let me help you pack your bags," you aren't there yet. Love is unconditional when you allow someone to walk the path they need to walk.
Hadley: You make it sound easy, but that was the hardest journey I ever made--to reach the point I could wish my husband well after he moved on.
Janet: If you think about it, it's harder to hold on to your pain, separation, stories about what others have done to you.
Hadley: That pain can be fatal, if you don't release it.
Janet: So walk from the place where there are no victims here. You create your reality. See every moment is a gift. That sounds trite but true. The Universe is set up that every moment is to serve in some form.
No one said it would be easy. Yet it's a lot Harder to not be that loving presence and hold on to that pain. You can release it, and do it in a way that you're coming from your gut that I want for you what you want for you. Till you get to that place, it's more painful than not.
Hadley: I agree. It's good to give thanks to your greatest teachers for giving you the lessons you needed to learn in that moment, to see with new eyes.
Janet: And you can use tools like work of Byron Katie to undo limiting beliefs that will change your life in minutes. Using the passion test is a tool. The reason you wake up unsatisfied with your life is you aren't making choices about doing your own inner work, because the world is as you are. If you are love inside, you attract love.
Everyone is a reflection of where we are in this moment. So dive deep in crevices of soul and forgive, surrender, appreciate and undo, letting go of concepts that create terrorism in the mind.
Hadley: You're an inspiration to all. How do we find clues to the best path for an exciting, passionate life?
Find out in Part 2 highlights of my radio conversation with Janet Bray Attwood for A Lasting Love.
Need help to get over a breakup? Get expert remedies I'd used to heal heartbreak and love again. Feel better in time in takes you to read my book
Want to love again, even better than ever? I help you choose a great love match and create a passionate relationship with expert advice like this in Love Matches. Meet our community of great singles seeking great love now.

The Tao Of Badass

Here is the Tao of Badass Review for men. You may be having a difficult time striking a conversation with a woman, much less approaching one. You may be facing a variety of challenges when it comes to dating. So if you are looking into tapping into the Badass, here is a review so that you can understand the gist of the video clips and books. Joshua Pellicer is the brain of these tools telling men that they can approach any woman that they find attractive with some skills.

Overview on Starting a Conversation Ask friendly questions. Women have seen a lot in media and know enough to be careful of the men that they talk to. They already have a barrier for weird creeps so it is best to approach her in a friendly manner with palms open showing that you do not have any secret motives. Women like it when she can feel that she can trust the person she is talking to. She'll also be more willing to share her life when this is done.

Be keen. Take a look at the environment that you're in to bring up a conversation and keep it going.Keep the conversation light. Having a friendly tone and a light conversation can be a lot of fun. It will allow women to take their mind off other things that previously occupied it. Showing off your good sense of humor is a positive. If you can control the conversation, she'll follow behind your steps.Listen to her. It's one thing to talk until her ears are full. One of the best things to do is to also listen to her. She'll see that you can talk and listen at the same time which is a quality that many women find attractive. Generally speaking, people like it when their voice and thoughts are also being listened to. When you have this skill down, you will find that you are a better listener in other situations.

The book will also share how to understand the body language of women. The technique in this book will allow you to read her body language without having to stare and zoom in on all her movements. Readers will be able to read positive and negative body language as well as understand the tone of the voice.Plus, the materials will actually teach confidence. This is an aspect which is most widely shared and taught. Men are taught that they need confidence. However, it is easier said than done. The material teaches how to gain confidence. This is a good buy for those who do not have a positive image of themselves, are overweight, do not have good looks, and who are too shy and scared to go out.The set of video clips goes over a number of topics which can help men improve their interpersonal and intra personal relationships as well as acquire skills used in dating women. Those who buy this book will also receive an addition four bonus books. The bonus books are also related to dating which are"Monogamy Vs Polyamory", "Guide to Breaking Up", "Escaping the Friend Zone" and "Never Get Cheated On".

This is the story of how This book got my long term boyfriend Will and I together, without me even knowing it. Now we've been together for a long time, and this is the reason how this all came about.Would we have found this awesome relationship if he hadn't gained confidence and learned how to speak to my subconscious desires as regards to this ebook? It's a mystery!

This eBook teaches men how to look and act confident. Without a doubt, among the most attractive traits a man can possess is confidence. Those that exude confidence will attract women. Those that lack confidence, well, they generally do not find themselves catching the eye of the opposite sex. It also teaches you the art of true confidence.Most importantly, it does not tell you to act cocky or braggadocios. Those are two traits that really turn women off as they are a sign of false confidence. Once again, this work is rooted in what really works. So, it invests a lot of time telling men how to look, act and be more confident. This helps with attracting women immensely.

Now, I didn't want to invade or anything, but it was right there on the desktop, so I assumed it was not something he was trying to hide and I clicked on it.As I looked through it, some of the tips and tricks started to remind me of when we met... It wasn't obvious or anything, but I specifically remembered being seduced by his self-assured flirtiness when we first met, and it started me thinking that this book might have been the guideline Will had used to learn what he had done.After that I was a little bit upset, like I had been conned or something. I thought about texting him at work and explaining how I can't believe he had used this tool on me to win me over! But then I reflected on it... all what this book had really done, was to teach Will how to be self-assured and move the conversation forward in a flirtatious and creative way, so that I could subconsciously perceive his real value as a man and what a sweet catch he really is.

These are some more things the book goes through in detail,12 Tao Of Badass tips you never knew,Corny pickup line,This book teaches you how to get a girl plus other Powerful dating tips,Dating advice and tips for men

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Be Happy for 'No Reason Whatsoever'

You hear a lot of people say things like, "I'll be happy if ____", or "I'll be happy when ____". You might be able to fill in the blanks yourself, having said those, or similar things. Like me, you have seen the items on the Internet that talk about locations being "the happiest town", "the happiest city", "the happiest state", "the happiest country", "the happiest people", and so on. The question I'm asking today is, are you happy? If not, what is it that you feel you need to be happy?
Just like being sad, depressed, lonely, cheerful, satisfied, and any other emotional resource, happiness is a state. And, like any state, we humans have the ability to access that state at any time we choose. So, I already see the look of doubt on your face and the internal dialog saying, "OK, I'm done. If people could access happiness anytime they wanted, then more people would be doing it." And, you may be closing your browser or moving on to another website. But, WAIT! Stay with me just a little while longer. What you are about to learn could change your life dramatically for the good and forever.
First, I want to share with you how your mind processes information and how thinking patterns develop and become semi-permanent. The 'conscious' mind has one main purpose; to keep everything the same. That is why most everyone has a difficult time with change, no matter how small. Let me give you an example: When you consider trying a menu item at a restaurant you frequent that you've never eaten, how much thought do you give to that change from what you normally eat there? Fully consider it. Most people will think long and hard about changing from their normal meal and then decide to stick with the meal they know they like. Remember the last time you experienced that. So, if what would seem to be a fairly insignificant change is hard to make, then you realize now why more important changes are even more difficult. The 'conscious' mind accomplishes its goal of keeping everything the same through three processes; generalization, deletion, and distortion. By doing so, it supports a continuation of your current beliefs and everything stays the same. For example, if you were given the belief as a child that talking to strangers is wrong and you haven't changed that belief and you have generalized it into adulthood, then you will find it hard to meet new people, network for your job, etc. If you think that people like you aren't happy, you've deleted some important information, such as, who are these people that are like you and how do you know that these people aren't happy? If you say to yourself, "I'm never happy", ask yourself, really? Never? You can't think of a single time that you have been happy in your entire life? This is called distortion. Again, all of these thoughts are present to support your current beliefs and keep everything the same.
How does this now fit into you being happy? If you believe that you need to have something, do something, or be something to be happy, you'll be right. Which means that you won't allow yourself to be happy until you have, do, or be. And, no matter what happens around you, you're 'conscious' mind will find ways to support your belief that you can't be happy now.
So, now I want to play "what if". What if you made a conscious decision to change the way you think? Some people do this very naturally, especially when they get sick and tired of a limiting belief, hurt, habit, or hang-up ruling their life. I have a friend that one day decided that he was going to stop smoking because it wasn't congruent with his beliefs or his life. All the rest of his life was geared toward being healthy and clean. He was going to schedule an appointment with me for hypnosis to help him because he had tried several times before and went right back to smoking. Out of the blue he called one day and told me, "Well, I've stopped!" When I asked him how he did it, he replied that he gotten so tired of living incongruently that he looked in the mirror and said, "You're done!" and that was it.
Are you tired enough of not being happy? If you are, then now is the time to consciously change your thought patterns. I have some of my clients create a diary of how many times each day they have negative thoughts and what those negative thoughts are. They come to me at the next appointment amazed at the number of times they are being negative in their thinking! Once they see the reality, they can now begin the transformation of their thinking. I have them pay attention not only to their thinking, but their posture, body language, the emotions they are feeling, where they feel the emotions, and in what direction those emotions are moving. (Yes, emotions do move within our bodies. Just remember the last time you were lying awake in bed and couldn't sleep. Remember how your mind was "spinning" and "racing"?) I then teach them how to control those emotions so that they become positive.
The next piece of this puzzle are called modal operators. These are words like; should, shouldn't, must, musn't, have to, can't, etc. These words express a necessity, possibility (or lack of), belief, or knowledge that is non-truth-functional; not true in and of themselves. When we put confinements upon ourselves that we "have" to do something, then we feel forced or coerced and without options. No one feels happy under those circumstances. When keeping your diary of negative thoughts, add the use of Modal Operators to your tracking. Each time you find yourself telling yourself that you "have" to do do something, that you "can't", "shouldn't", "must", "musn't", etc. then ask yourself, "If I must, what will happen if I don't?" "If I should, what will happen if I don't?" "If I can't, what will happen if I do?" At the very least, give yourself options. Instead of feeling that you can't, shouldn't, must, have to... decide to choose to do, or not do. I recently had a client tell me that every time she's running late and has the kids that she has to order something for herself when going through the Sonic drive-through because she's getting the kids something to eat. I asked her if she "had" to, or if she chose to? The look on her face was that of discovery! She discovered that her power hadn't been taken away. That she does have a choice. And, it's OK to choose to get something from the Sonic, even when she is wanting to lose weight. She's an adult that can make adult decisions! Why add guilt on top of feeling as though there wasn't a choice?! When a person fully realizes that they have options and the power to choose, then they live a much happier life.
What about being happy for no reason whatsoever? Once a person learns the above, then they are already being happier and can learn to be happy for no reason. By this point, they fully realize that they no longer have to, must, should, etc. be something, do something, or have something to be happy. They are now free to be like a child of 4-years-old. If you watch 4-year-olds, you'll discover that they are just happy. If you ask them why, they don't know. They just are. When their friend hurts them, they cry and, five minutes later, they are back playing like nothing happened. When they don't get what they want, they move on shortly after. They have a curiosity that knows no bounds and they get excited and appreciate the little things. You once had that. The beautiful thing is that you can have it again by remolding your thoughts and thinking patterns. I give this gift to most of my clients; the gift of being happy for no reason whatsoever. I pray that this article has helped you see at least a glimmer of the happiness you can now have...
Dr. Lewellen, at Transformative Thinking, has over 20 years of expanding the potential of corporations, religious organizations, not-for-profits, families and individuals. He is an expert in organizational alignment and motivation, organization and personal goal-setting, change management, and leadership. He is an expert in organizational alignment and motivation, organization and personal goal-setting, change management, leadership and staff development, and sales management. Contact Dr. Lewellen at or

Accessing The Services Of A Psychologist Royal Oak

For those who like thorough therapy examinations and related recommendations, psychologist Royal Oak has always been the best. The simplicity getting it there for services is in comparison with the way one goes to value prices of commodities even without buying. This makes it possible to settle on one that suits one to their satisfaction.

The main reason as to why one should get a talk therapy is that in life, one is faced by a myriad of problems that are sometimes overwhelming hence the need an outside attention. These problems can range from abrupt job loss, excessive substance abuse, marriage break-ups, and death among others. To get them addressed fully, there some facts that one ought to know.

To start with, you need to know the type of specialist you want address your problem. This is mainly because we have different categories that deal with various therapies. They include those that are for health, clinical, educational, counseling, educational, social, sports just to mention but a few.

In the health class, you will find those that they precisely address mental social issues to an extent and biological questions to find out if they affect health of someone. Drug abuse and sexual abuses are given their right punch here. To those who are already victims, therapists in this group do help to advice in the best ways possible to ensure that particular problem ceases completely.

Change in behavior also has its own group of specialists and can be mainly be contributed by how one handles real life experiences. Problems that last for a while to others that takes long and with disastrous results are addressed in this category are dealt with there but there is also some variance in roles. You will find that there those who will deal with the neglected in the society, those whose presence is less recognized maybe due to their low numbers, homosexuals among others.

Social therapists handle issues that affect interactions with other people. They study how people interrelate with others as well as groups and how they influence each other as well as attitudinal change. They are found in various places such as learning institutions, government, hospitals, agencies that deal with advertising among others.

However, finances despite having all this information has been a problem to many when it comes to seeking different services. Linking with small loans granting institutions becomes imperative in order to get the money and go for a certain service when appropriate. For those employed there are health scheme that give funds and it is always good to keep in touch with them.

After understanding these groups and be able to distinguish their roles, one needs then to know how to get the very best ones. One, you need to know whether they are accredited by licensing bodies in order to avoid an engagement with quacks that can treat you badly. Family doctors as well as family friends can help you connect with the most qualified and experienced ones so as to avoid doubts of shoddy services as happens in some instances and psychologist Royal Oak has always been recommend by many since services there are superb.

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Ask the Medium: How to Be Happy - The Secret to Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Experience

What is the real secret to being spiritually happy and fulfilled? Why are people who have some sort of spiritual foundation or religious belief happier, healthier and even reportedly live longer than those who don't share the same alignment with something bigger than themselves? Are psychics and mediums religious, or is being spiritual something different altogether? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe is the true, authentic secret to being happy, and for living a life of PASSION, power and purpose as well. curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below. First, before we dive into the more spiritual elements of this article, I want to share with you what the actual SCIENCE of happiness is telling us in 2013. There have been many studies now done of what makes for happy lives... and the surprising truth is, it's a combination of wellness practices that feed the body, and the spirit that lead to a soul that smiles on the inside and out.
Filed Under: The HAPPIEST People Alive
Did you know that the science of happiness can be broken down into a few simple traits? It's true... and there have been many, many University studies that have demonstrated the 6 qualities below lead to happier, healthier and more hopeful people.
  1. A daily exercise of gratitude
  2. A daily practice of mediation
  3. A healthy diet
  4. At least 20 minutes of exercise every day
  5. A sense of spiritual connection to something bigger than ourselves
  6. Last but NOT least, a belief in some sort of life purpose that puts a sense of importance and power in what you are here to accomplish.
Simply stated, happiness can be cultivated through maintaining a healthy body (diet and exercise) and even more importantly, cultivating a healthy spirit. Now, understand this to be true as well. I'm NOT a religious person. But I do believe in the idea that we are all connected, and that there is a reason we're experiencing this life together, and that ultimately... we all return to a place of light and love. From my own experiences as a spiritual writer, researcher and professional publisher, I've learned incredible life lessons that have transformed my sense of self, and my attitude... from negative and judgmental, to blissful, patient and welcoming to all.
For example - Researching near death experiences for 5 years, and speaking with many people who have had them, has convinced me that we are ALL connected, that we come from a place of light and love... and return to that same place when our purpose on this planet has been fulfilled.
Researching psychic mediums for a decade has taught me that there is something timeless and eternal about each of us, and that every person is imbued with a soul and spirit that transcends death, and continues, after the body no longer does.
This simple realization alone has taught me that there is NOTHING to be sad about.
That happiness and joy is our NATURAL state. That all pain is temporary, and all emotions... even the difficult ones, disappear in the face of a spirit that is bigger than our bodies, is here to learn, love and grow... and will one day know that every problem we faced, was put in front of us as an opportunity to evolve. That is the secret to truer happiness! And it doesn't come from believing dogma or reading textbooks.
It comes from opening your mind and spirit to the power and potential of what and who you truly are... and being grateful for every experience. Take care of your body - take care of your spirit and embrace the adventure.
I promise... if you do that, happiness is sure to follow!