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7 Great Affirmation Statements For A Super Happy Life

We are all dependent on our thoughts. To an extent, they control us and we control them. The 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life are designed to help you take the driver's seat and program your mind to succeed.
Think thoughts don't control who you are, what you achieve and your level of happiness? Think again!
Consider some common sayings that people are told from the time they are little:
* Nothing but a pipedream
* Easier said than done
* When it rains it pours
* Nothing in life is free
* Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
You get the idea. Our language is loaded with negative expressions and phrases. These are repeated time and again and become ingrained in our psyches. They control our expectations, our willingness to try something new and even to dream.
Why do they have so strong of a hold? The answer is simply because we let them.
Fortunately, it is possible to reprogram the mind. This, in turn, can open us up for positive things to happen in our lives simply because we are willing to work for them and let them happen.
The human mind is an incredibly powerful force. When it is "programmed" for success, achievement tends to happen. By knocking down the mental barriers, clearer paths to success open up.
The 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life can help with this mental reprogramming. Repeat them day in and day out until they become as ingrained as those negative thoughts once were and good things can happen in your life.
So, what are the 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life? Here they are:
* I accept love and deserve love - This is one of the 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life because it opens up an avenue to self-esteem building. Unlike negative affirmations that often have people believing they are "not good enough," "not worthy" or "unlovable," this affirmation help you embrace yourself and what makes you so special.
* The more appreciative I am, the more things I will find to appreciate - This simple affirmation opens your eyes to the wonders you have rather than those you don't. It also makes achieving possible by enabling you to see the potential in your life.
* I have relationships that are meaningful and loving -Focus your mind on the people in your life who are special. Cherish your relationships and help them grow stronger and healthier.
* I have wealth in all areas of my life - Refocus your mind on the wonders you do have and help them multiply with this affirmation.
* I always get what I need - Trust in God, a higher power or the universe to provide you with what you "need." The things you want will follow.
* I believe in myself and so do others - Give yourself a license to succeed. This is one of the most important of the 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life. To truly succeed in life, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities.
* I am at peace - Accept who you are in the moment, what you have and where you are headed. When you are at peace with yourself incredible things can happen in your life. Your attitude will soar, your self-esteem will rise and your confidence will be unwavering.
Repeating the 7 great affirmation statements for a super happy life can refocus your mind on the possibilities instead of the impossibilities. You can succeed if you train your mind to overcome the negatives and consider the potential instead.


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