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Beat Sugar Addiction Cravings Fast

By Margaret R. Ferguson

If you can't say no to candy, cookies and soda, you may be one of millions of people who are addicted to sugar. For some people, sugar acts like a drug in the body, and like any other drug, can cause an initial high followed by withdrawal symptoms.Symptoms of sugar addiction include,powerful cravings for sugar, refined carbohydrates or alcohol,mood swings,anxiety,depression,irritability or anger,fatigue,headaches,dizziness,feeling better after eating sugar,It's not just lack of willpower - it really is an addiction,Studies have shown that sugar has a similar effect to cocaine, morphine and other drugs of addiction. Eating large amounts of sugar releases a brain chemical called dopamine that makes you feel alert, energized, motivated and enthusiastic. But over time, sugar reduces the brain's sensitivity to dopamine and you start to become addicted to sugar - you need more dopamine just to feel normal and without a sugar hit to boost your dopamine production, you feel sluggish, tired, foggy and irritable.[]

If you're addicted to sugar, it's important to cut sugar out of your diet completely to give your brain a chance to recover, but going without your morning sugar hit might seem unachievable. You may be wondering how you can possibly get through the day without sugar, and how you will deal with the constant cravings. Fortunately, a program of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can quickly stabilize blood sugar, eliminate cravings and overcome withdrawal symptoms.Many studies have shown that chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates. In one study, blood sugar fell by nearly 30 percent in participants who took 1,000 micrograms of chromium picolinate per day. Sugar, alcohol and white flour all reduce the absorption of chromium in the body and this creates a vicious cycle - high sugar intake causes chromium deficiency, which contributes to blood sugar problems and exacerbates cravings for sugar. Chromium supplements can build up chromium levels and interrupt the vicious cycle.

David Kessler, former head of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), claims that manufacturers seek to trigger a 'bliss point' when people eat certain products.It is time to stop blaming individuals for being overweight or obese. The real problem is we have created a world where food is always available and where that food is designed to make you want to eat more of it. For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist - Junk food triggers our 'bliss point', The Sunday Times, June 28th 2009.

There are two very important things you can do that will biochemically reduce your craving for sugar. If you have a severe and uncontrollable addiction to sugar (you feel you have to eat it every day and cannot seem to voluntarily stop), I advise doing both of these things for at least two weeks before attempting to cut out sugar.Those two things are:Eat fruit every day,Get the right type of exercise,Although both of these things may sound difficult in themselves, they are not as hard as they sound.Firstly fruit: eating a good-sized bowl of fruit salad every day for several weeks will really help reduce your desire for sugar. Fruits contain fructose, a form of sugar that is metabolised more slowly than ordinary table sugar (fructose) and therefore tends to lead to a more even blood sugar level. Refined fructose in itself seems to be worse for health than ordinary sugar, so don't be tempted to buy bags of it and add it to your coffee. But fresh fruit is overwhelmingly good for your health, and will definitely help you to beat your addiction.

You'll be surprised by how different you will feel after a few weeks of no sugar. Many people describe a sense of calm and balance, lifting of depression or anxiety, increased energy and better health, not to mention weight loss and an end to constantly feeling hungry. Next time you feel the urge for a sugar hit, reach for your l-glutamine instead and overcome your addiction to sugar.If you continually give in to your cravings and eat that donut, cookie, candy or other sweet product, it leads to a rapid spike in blood sugar followed by the inevitable crash which leads to even more cravings for sugar. Over time this sugar addiction can lead to serious health problems.

If you find preparing fruit boring, experiment with finding the fastest ways to prepare salads (you should be able to get preparation time down to around 5-10 minutes with a little practice), and get into the habit of preparing them at the same time every day. You can keep a fruit salad reasonably fresh all day in an air-tight plastic container. Even fruits like apples and bananas, which turn brown if chopped and left out in the air, will remain fairly fresh if mixed with juicy fruits such as chopped oranges or grapes and sealed in an air-tight sandwich box.

Good combinations to try for fruit salads are:apple, banana, orange,melon, grapes, banana,Peach, orange, melon Don't be tempted to use canned fruit. For reasons that I don't understand, it just doesn't seem to curb sugar cravings in the same way. And as for dried fruit -- stay off it! It is so high in sugar that it may make your cravings worse.You also have to be careful of fruit smoothies, which can be high calorie if mixed with cream. However, sometimes when I find myself back in the grip of a strong addiction, I like to use the 'nuclear option' of banana milkshakes to help get myself off sugar. Use a kitchen blender to blend ripe bananas with semi-skimmed milk. You can also freeze ripe bananas and blend them while still semi-frozen for a deliciously-sweet drink that tastes so good you won't believe it's good for you.Alongside consuming fruit daily, also consider getting aerobic exercise. Aerobic, or cardiovascular exercise ("cardio") has powerful appetite-suppressing and craving-suppressing effects. Amazingly, recent studies show that this type of exercise even causes parts of your brain to grow in size, leading to higher mental acuity.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, and is very similar to adrenaline chemically; it also affects brain processes that control movement, emotional response, and the ability to experience pleasure and pain. This explains why, when you're having a rough day, you turn to a plate full of brownies! The sugar in those brownies acts as a regulator which produces "highs" that temporarily neutralize emotional lows!Before you wage an all-out war against sugar, you must know your opposition! You must also know that sugar isn't always labeled as sugar.

If you have a physical addiction to sugar, the best thing to do is to first start reading labels. Anything that lists dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, or sucrose must be thrown out or at least removed from your reach. Also keep a look out for any ingredient lists with the word "syrup" in it. Those are all sugar.You must get your mind prepared, because your body may experience some symptoms of withdrawal. If your mind is set, then you will overcome your addiction to sugar. The length of time it takes to fully detox depends on each individual person. Most experts say that a body will lose its cravings for sugar after having been without sugar for 4 full days. Here are some tips to get you through this temporary rough patch:

To help deal with your cravings psychologically, try to replace your regular sugar consumption with doing something else enjoyable instead. Watch TV or play computer games if you have to; do whatever you need to, to get through the first difficult couple of weeks of craving.If you are overweight, ask yourself whether you want that chocolate bar or you want to be thin. You probably can't have both. Don't allow yourself to think that you can defer the challenge indefinitely; recognize that your cravings have to be faced head-on. If you particularly crave sugar at certain times of the day, brace yourself for a battle.If you prepare sufficiently by eating fruit and preferably exercising too, you can reduce your cravings to a manageable level, then you can start winning your battle with your cravings. After a few weeks you won't even remember why you had such terrible problems in the first place.Change Your Life Scientifically.Break sugar addiction, lose weight, ditch your boss or move to another country.At Fascinating Experiments we discuss how to gain control of your life so that you can do the things that you want to do.Among other things, we look at ways of making money at home, how to get more money in your existing job, how to change career, and how to lose weight and increase your energy levels; with a focus on concrete steps you can take without spending any money and without signing up to dubious programs or buying dubious products.

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