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how a person sees the world

There was a long discussion in our house that lasted for about a week. It all started when my oldest daughter asked specific questions related to life after high school.My own personal experience was not the easiest. It was close to my immediate family. I always felt that I was there myself. From a young age, I learned that I do not trust me. It helped me brave in the pursuit of what he wanted in life, but it was an uphill battle, however.I apologized for my daughter to have such a confusing bad experiences relating thereto history. His answer surprised me. I felt it was a great advantage to learn from someone who had seen the good, but not bad. He gave me a new perspective of my own past. I realized that I had much to offer to my daughter. I had the opportunity to share a lot of experiences and what I learned from them.Anyway, this conversation has led to the question of what shapes a person's life when it comes to making decisions? More specifically, how do you put two brothers side by side and see if different results in how they manage their experiences?I have seen families where there was more than one child who grows up in a very toxic. Kids are great and the paths they were surprisingly different. You have a son who became a great success at work and in life. Patches wounds of his youth and to create a better life for their children. The other child is consumed by bitterness. Life was a constant stream of disappointments. Pessimism was the best friend of the brothers. Learn to play a role in the life of the victim was what was most comfortable for that person.So here's the last question: How can two people with the same background can learn to cope so differently? What were the influences that have to choose the paths that have ended up?This discussion between my daughter and I drove to the question I asked myself for years. I want to know how to guide a child you see go the way of the inability to recover in a way that is safer. I want to be able to make the breadcrumbs on a path that will lead to happiness and a full life.How to change a pattern of bitterness? When a child is still growing, you can help them rebuild their thought patterns to a stronger dignity?Maybe the brain is wired so that the personality of a person is what it is. Maybe I have to accept that some people will just live your life in pain, to see life as a life-threatening situation. Maybe I should, but I do not think I'll ever stop trying to help someone who could use a little support and encouragement. I guess that's how my brain is wired.

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