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Managing Vacation Financial Stress

By Nancy Bondi

As the vacation season comes to conclusion, one of the areas where stress makes an attempt to appear to creep into our minds is in the area of finances. With present purchases adding up, tax points to consider, and holiday travel expenses being incurred, many people are nearly convinced to let negative vibrations into their lives due to increased spending. As with any other stress related subject, though, you have to know the right way to shift this one too.

Stop & Breathe! The first, and most vital, step to beating holiday stress in the area of finances is to stop and breathe. Permit your energy to focus itself on a positive image, and just let the the negative feelings exit your thinking. While this can sound simple it is STRONG and you can do that! Remember that handling your energy is KEY in pretty much everything in life and business:)

Note It All Down! Ok, now you have reached a place of focus and serenity in your consciousness, lets get to work on the rest. Begin by writing down the things that have to be done or bought, and the costs associated with those items. Don't over analyze this too much and have some fun with it. You may also add one or two silly things to your list, just to keep it exciting.

Now, add to this list things that may cost nothing or that you already have in your possession. For example, a list may look like this:

1. Gift for my parents $50
2. Travel Cash to see family $150
3. Gift Exchange gift for work $20
4. Gift for my childs teacher $20
5. Donation toy for charity $20
6. Money for holiday activity with my kid $50
7. Books to read on Yuletide Eve $0 (Library)
8. Dessert to take to work vacation Party $0 (ingredients already in cupboard)

If you notice, line items 1-6 have interrelated costs, and numbers 7-8 don't. Now, from this point, attempt to list the things from highest concern to least concern. Your list might now look like this:

1. Travel Money to see family $150
2. Books to read on Xmas Eve $0 (Library)
3. Gift for my elders $50
4. Donation toy for charity $20
5. Money for vacation activity with my child $50
6. Gift for my childs teacher $20
7. Dessert to take to work holiday Party $0 (ingredients already in pantry)
8. Gift Exchange gift for work $20

Now you have things listed from most vital to least, brainstorm about any changes you can make to restrict the cost without losing the importance. Here are some ideas, based on the above list

1.Lower present amount for mothers and fathers to $40 and have my kid hand-make a card

2.Instead of purchasing a new toy for charity, find a pleasant one that my child no longer plays with and donate that as an alternative.

3.Ask a pal if they'd like to split the purchase of a new toy for a child for charity with our family.

4.Search the Net for a free holiday activity to do with my kid, rather than something costly.

5.Decrease the present amount for my childs teacher to $10 and hand-make a card

6.Not take part in the gift exchange for work

Now, rearrange your list to include the changes and see where you are now.

1.Travel Cash to see family $150

2.Books to read on Xmas Eve $0 (Library)

3.Gift for my folks $40 (make card homemade)

4.Donation toy for charity $10 + a toy my child does not use

5.Money for holiday activity with my child $0

6.Gift for my childs teacher $10 (make card home-made)

7.Dessert to take to work holiday Party $0 (ingredients already in pantry)

8.Gift Exchange gift for work $0 (opt-out)

Now, take a couple more minutes and make notes of all of the things which you've got this vacation season that are positive and that contribute to high vibrations, andi f you actually nee to, do reflect upon taking up a private loan instead of using your card.

Include the love of family, time expended with pals, and the blessings that you have. You may also want to include your positive. Outlook for the vacation season. Things like This can be the best vacation season yet or My New Year is looking very bright and promising! Don't forget to focus your mind as much as you can on the positive and not let negative vibrations, like vacation pressures seem to divide your energy!

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