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Psychic Seduction For Dummies

By Charles Harris

Psychic seduction techniques have existed for quite some time now ever since dating has begun to become more liberal. Usually, men are the ones who apply these techniques because the norm would be that the man would court the woman. In order for men to get the partner that they want, they sometimes apply these pick up techniques that actually do yield some good results.

When one would think of psychic abilities, they would usually think about mind control or mind manipulation. In a way this is correct because it involves putting ideas into the minds of people and make them think about it all the time. It is through this that they will decide that a certain idea is good.

The most important thing to do in the seduction game would be to first establish a certain contact with the target. The man does not necessarily have to strike a conversation with the girl he likes to perform this technique. As long as he gets her attention probably through some eye contact or a greeting, he will be able to plant ideas into her head.

The trick here is to constantly concentrate on the woman in order to transmit the brainwaves to her mind. Keeping constant eye contact is also important as this will allow her to keep her attention solely focused. Once he has completely gotten her attention, he must now think of things that he would want to do to her and just keep it inside his head.

The man must picture himself caressing the woman and touching her all over very slowly and sensually. He should also remember to mentally touch her in all her sensitive spots and probably even kiss her neck or bite her ear. By doing this long enough, he will make the woman think about the exact same thing that he is thinking of.

The touch is an extremely important concept here because it is through touch that a human being will get excited. Touching someone with the mind is actually enough for them to feel it with their physical body and therefore get aroused. So if a man does this technique, he is touching the woman with his mind.

Aside from touch, it is also important for one to picture himself whispering in her ear erotic suggestions and compliments. He must also mention her name in his thoughts as that will turn her on even more because she will really feel wanted. By doing this, he is actually subconsciously making her fall for him and also be so turned on by him that she will fall head over heels for him.

So by doing this, a man will be able to get a woman to think all of his thoughts and would therefore fall for him. However, do be warned that psychic seduction techniques do not work all the time because it will depend on the state of mind of the woman. One should just remember to never be caught by her when he is trying to transfer his thoughts into her head because then he will just look like a pervert.

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