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The happiest people pursue problems

Lurking behind the issue of employment - if there are enough of them, how they have to work in them, and what the future holds - is a major problem of the participation of the workforce. Too many people are listening to on, off, or ready to go. But there is one notable exception.
The happiest people you know are dedicated to dealing with the most difficult problems. Turning around schools in the city. The search for solutions to homelessness or drinking water. Support for children with terminal illnesses. They face what seems worst in the world with the belief that they can do something and to serve others.
Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (and longtime friend), pain has become a social purpose. He was distressed by the treatment of his dying mother. After leaving his job as a columnist, founded about the project, a campaign to ensure that all families face the difficult task of talking about death and care at the end of its useful life.
Gilberto Dimenstein, another writer turned into activist in Brazil, spreads happiness through social entrepreneurship. When famous Brazilian pianist Joao Carlos Martins has lost the use of most of his fingers and almost gave into deep despair, Dimenstein asked to teach music to underprivileged youth. A few years later, Martins, now a driver, exudes happiness. He cultivated musical talent throughout Brazil, brought their youth orchestras to play at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York, and even found some use of his fingers.
For many social entrepreneurs, happiness just like they make a difference.
I see the same spirit in the team of the company to create new initiatives they believe in. Himalayas Gillette project team took on the challenge of changing men shave as India, where the current practice of using rusty blades barbers torn bloody infections. A team member who initially did not want to leave Boston for India said that the mission of most inspiring. Similarly, Procter & Gamble Pampers Nigeria team find happiness solve the problem of infant mortality and the search for solutions, such as mobile clinics that are sent to a doctor and two nurses in areas that do not have access to health .
! In the research for my book Evolve, I identified three main sources of motivation in highly innovative companies: the field, and a sense of belonging. Other M, money has been a distant fourth. Money acts as a scoring system, but I do not have the people to him and for everyday work, or helps people home every day with a sense of satisfaction.
People can be encouraged to achieve ambitious goals and impossible to deal with if you care about the outcome challenges. I will never forget the story of how a new CEO Daimler Benz operations in South increased productivity and quality at the end of apartheid Africa, giving workers something they liked: make a car Nelson Mandela, just released from prison. An entire floor of working days lost, inactive and high default rates produced the car in record time, with near zero defects workers. Mandela pride in giving Mercedes, plus the feeling of accomplishment, workers helped maintain a level of performance. People trapped in boring jobs, routine action arise causes that matter to them.
Wrenching emotion also helps to cultivate a human being. It is hard to feel alone, or to complain about little things when faced with very important issues of deprivation, poverty and life or death. Social ties and increase the sense of belonging that comes from working direction based on values.
Of course, huge challenges can be demoralizing at times. Members of the Year of the city group working with at-risk high school students with failing grades see improvement dysfunctional homes per day, only to create new problems for the next. Progress is not linear, but that may not be obvious after long days of hard work have accumulated. It may appear in small victories, like a D student suddenly raising his hand in class because he understands the principle of mathematics. (I see this service on the board of City Year. You can find dozens of these stories on Twitter under # makebetterhappen.)
It has become commonplace to say that the goal is at the heart of leadership, and people must find their purpose and passion. I would go one step further and insist that everyone, regardless of their employment status, have a sense of responsibility for at least one aspect of changing the world. It is as if everyone has two jobs: the immediate tasks and the ability to make a difference.
Leaders around the world to remember the decade of M motivation control, belonging and meaning. Taking advantage of these non-monetary rewards (pay enough) are the key to the commitment and happiness. And it is likely to produce innovative solutions to difficult problems.

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