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Top 8 Keys to Lasting Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is universal. Was sought from the beginning of time and remains a subject of many studies and persecution. What is really happiness? Why is it so difficult? Are there proven methods to achieve this goal.
Happiness is a concept that differs between cultures and individuals. Many people can not be defined in terms of a state of being. Normally, we think of the moments of happiness, laughter, good times with good people, events, etc. When I mean lasting happiness happiness I mean life, a sense that life is good, the experience of pleasure and fulfillment. This includes a real sense of well-being and a positive attitude. In addition, the participation and enjoyment of everyday life. This is not just dizziness or moments of joy and pleasure, but that's part of it. I think the hand this way of being is the deep satisfaction. The satisfaction rate is maintained and is linked to a sense of purpose and meaning, that life is precious, rich and full.
Happiness is difficult to achieve for two reasons: First, as I said, for many, it is difficult to define. Obviously, it is almost impossible to get something when we do not know what he wants. Secondly, we have a tendency as human beings to pursue the things that do not provide what they really want. So even if we "that" we are disappointed too often. This leads to a vicious circle for many, constantly chasing something to "do" happy. This is where most people end up poor monitoring cycles and happy times of disappointment or simply do not last. This is largely perpetuated by social and commercial messages focused on the happiness that come from this or have or do this or that. It is not hard to believe "that" is somewhere beyond our reach.
Before sharing the top 8 solid tips to increase your level of happiness, I ask you to contemplate and examine your thoughts and define happiness for himself as a broader concept in general. Consider again the happiness really comes from within. It sounds like a cliché, but the fact is that we will find our own sense of true happiness in ourselves and live fully when we connect with what is unique and great us and enjoy and express it in the world . To live fully and authentically from the inside is a sure path to lasting happiness and deep satisfaction.
Also, be open to challenge their thinking and change their attitudes. Do you have habits of thought and behavior to overcome the chances of feeling good about yourself and your world? Often, adjustments in attitudes and new ways of thinking are needed to make room for happiness. It really is a choice to be happy. To consciously decide what things and be ready to incorporate habits and make room for meaningful activities. Sometimes unknowingly, choose to stay in familiar territory, sad, instead of making some changes.
Note: For people suffering from clinical depression or mental illness which adds an element of complexity. However, these ideas must be practical and effective when combined with professional intervention if necessary.
The following are some specific proven methods that I gathered from numerous studies, as well as personal and professional experience. Choose an implementation and commitment to integrate a couple of weeks at least. I suggest a magazine exploration and thoughts if you are not currently using one and see how you feel. Some ideas can instantly have an impact are other habits or practices that increase overall levels over time.
I'm sure that by using some ideas from this list with some honest self-examination and change of attitude you will have a better standard of true lasting happiness and deep satisfaction in your life.
The real and lasting happiness is not just something to get it, it is a state of being and lifestyle.
Top Eight keys to happiness:
1. Know what you want in life and pursue it.Be very clear about what is meaningful and important to you and do it. Reconnect your hopes and dreams. Try winning roses grow, change careers, write a book, learn to dance Salsa? Anyway you have a vision, make a plan and take action.
2. Develop an attitude of gratitude.It is impossible to be unhappy while being grateful and thankful for life. It has been found in studies by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky to be more efficient to write what you are grateful for once a week. Pick a time to take a few minutes for this exercise and develop a routine. Thank you as often as you feel. Being grateful to somebody else is going to feel around.
3. Practice acts of kindness.Science has shown that acts of kindness not only a positive effect on the receiver but also the giver of goodness and even spectators attending the act. This is a high power happy! In fact, acts of kindness physically increase the feeling of good hormones such as serotonin in the brain to any appreciable degree. Try it, be friendly, offer help, doing favors, surprise someone you know or a stranger. Instant gratification can be found in this area.
4. Start movingImplement an exercise plan or find ways to increase your physical activity routine. Many studies show that regular vigorous exercise can be as effective as antidepressants for some people. Join a gym, running or cycling club. Dancing, brisk walking. The key is to be quite intense, and your blood will be consistent, shoot for 45 minutes three times a week at least.
5. Stop worrying and complainingOk, so this is a big problem for some of us. These two are the habits and patterns that can have on our thoughts and conversations. But it is clear that this is an area that we all focus on the change to allow happiness into our lives. To register complaints to increase as you make your conscience. For starters, keep a record useful for a week, it may surprise you how often and what you complain. If anxiety or anxiety occupy most of the time, play time, such as 30 minutes a day to meditate, then store, limit time. Practice living in the present moment.
6. You feedMake sure you take care of yourself a priority. We all need time to recharge and reconnect. Frequently Asked if the end of the list of things to do. In fact, your body is the vehicle for your self or soul, do not expect to run any other vehicle around without regular supplies, maintenance and maybe a good wash and wax from time to time right? Take care of yourself. Rest, relax and reflect. Take the time to hobbies and activities you enjoy, what brings you peace, joy or pleasure on a regular basis. Make it part of your routine and lifestyle, put it in your diary!
7. Live within your strengths and values.Thanks to its unique advantages that make life more enjoyable and successful. You know yours? This is really good. A good way to know is to reflect on the time we felt at their best and to determine in detail what he did. Use this anymore! Similarly, knowing what you enjoy: family, honesty, health, adventure, etc. Living in the integrity of security they automatically feel better compromise their values.
8. RelationshipsWe are social beings. Connect with others on a regular basis. Invest time and love in our personal relationships, getting to know people and you fully share with others. For most of us there is simply nothing more rewarding than our friendships and intimate relationships. Make it a priority to take someone for granted.
Julia Skeesick CCP. ELI-MP is a certified personal trainer and owner of Lifescape. Her practice focuses on helping people create a life they love. Partnership with them to get the best out of themselves, both personally and professionally to live your best life. Lifescape offers private lessons and group workshops for personal growth and development. Julia is a dynamic speaker and interactive offers regular events and thought provoking on a variety of topics and questions designed to provide businesses and groups by appointment. The course offers a stimulating environment still difficult to gain clarity, create a vision and develop effective action plans that will take you where you are to where you want to be. It also provides professional guidance and structure to help clients overcome obstacles, set realistic goals and to accelerate their success.

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