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Different Ways Of Manners Training

By Alison Wilcox

Manners training are the way of teaching people on how to behave in the proper way that does not lead to offending others or uncouth behavior. It can be done by any one bestowed the power to do so and it can be in homes, or other institutions lie schools, churches or rehabilitation centers. These mould the behavior of the individual and make them better in the future.

The way in which this is done determines the reception that the individuals give. They should be done when the children are still young for them to be familiar with what they are expected to do without major surveillance. However some can still be trained but end up going against the teachings due to ignorance or others simply just forget and this in most cases often ends up with punishment in order to ensure that the person does not forget again or repeat the mistake.

The creation of this session require great commitment and also the trainers have to possess some skills that will help to convince the trainees that they are doing the right and correct thing. In children, they have an age that they become stubborn and do not want to listen to anyone. Therefore the one in charge of them has to be tolerant and understanding to direct them on doing the right thing.

Rehabilitation centre is usually filled with people who want to change their way of life. Some are usually drug addicts and others have some disciplinary issues. All this is brought about by the lack of someone to guide them when they were young. This is due to the neglect by the parents since they were busy with their job and did not realize their children needed their support and guidance.

When talking on different occasions, the way somebody addresses the people can be constructive or destructive. The power of word is quite strong and can cause havoc if the wrong message is passed. This is shown mainly in leaders who are speaking on behalf of the community and the way they address the issues determines their abilities. The passage of a message from one person to another may not exactly be the same when they intended recipient gets it. It could be distorted and lead to serious consequences.

The people that do not have manners end up having a bad social life. This is because people do no want to associate with them as the regard them as ignorant and insensitive. If they are not taught in good time, they become very violent and many become criminals.

Human behavior determines the way they exist in the society. They have to be patient and very understanding to avoid confrontations and fights. This brings cohesion and peace therefore being productive.

Manners training is not an easy duty but it has to be done by somebody for life to go on. Children are supposed to be taught at early age for them to grow knowing the bad and good. They practice those behaviors and by the time they are big they have already gotten used to them and this becomes a habit.

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