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Discover You Are Not Alone Through Funny Parenting Blogs

By Janelle Burnett

Nowadays, parents need to be able to get as much advice and information on raising their children as possible. The numerous funny parenting blogs that are online and the information forums that they can go to are numerous and very informative. This is a good thing, as the children of today are a far cry from what they used to be. Parents are continually seeking better education for themselves and their kids. They often wonder what they can do to make their kid's life more interesting or how to educate them more.

Young children of today are absolutely different to kids of only a couple of years ago. It seems they believe that they own technology and quite honestly if one is to be true, they do. Everything that they do is computerized and it appears to be to their benefit. Grandparents of today's young children need to go on computer courses just to stay up to date with their toys.

Nowadays the average four year old can hold a conversation regarding the progression of the dinosaurs until extinction as if it was second nature to them. They know everything there is about these age old lizards and find visiting a Paleontology museum a great outing. It is no wonder the kids of today are as bright as they are, as they are exposed to so much more that the children of a few years ago.

Children of today do things differently. They are very familiar with technology, making their grandparents feel ancient even though they are still relatively young. Their inner knowledge is by far superior to that of their own parents.

Youngsters of today are finding different things interesting and they are taking part in online games featuring people from all over the world. Games for kids are available on most if not all computers and laptops. For the grandparent, it is a matter of getting with the program or being left behind.

Nowadays, even the diet of the small four year old has changed. Now he or she knows what is good for them and it is astounding to see how much of the food they choose to eat is in fact of good nutrition. This could be due to all the information supplied to them via good computer programs. All this been said, it appears that the child who spends a lot of time in front of the computer is highly educated.

Even though the modern day child is so technologically active, it goes without saying that they still have the need to go out and have some physical fun. It is just that the games they play are so much more advanced and one simply needs to take a walk to the nearest play park to see them sliding down the slides yielding pretend light sabers. Gone are the days of cops and robbers, these kids are into space odyssey.

Being a mom or dad today is definitely a challenging task, and truly requires a sense of humor. Being able to communicate with other like-minded parents is vital to keeping your head on your shoulders. It also allows you to see the humor in what these little people do and teaches you not to take life so seriously. Funny parenting blogs are a great read, and will leave you feeling more confident within your own ability to raise your child.

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