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Every Feline Needs a Cat Scratching Post to Be Happy


A Happy Cat Is a Healthy Cat
A cat scratching post is so essential for your cat's health it must be thought of as a major requirement, if you decide to get your cat a scratching post when it is still a kitten it will really get familiar with it and you should have no challenge getting her to use it. If your cat is more senior and you haven't bought one yet you might have already spotted your feline scratching your furniture, in cases like this it is more challenging to have your feline adopt the scratching post, however it can be done with insistence a little persistence and maybe a few treats!

So Why Do Felines Scratch?
A top point to understand is your cat will scratch things no matter how hard you try to stop them, simply because it's within their instincts and they wouldn't be able to stop the urge to conduct it if they tried. They will end up using your woodwork as needed so it's advisable to use the cat scratching post as a deterrent to your furniture. There are several reasons felines scratch therefore we should try to understand that it's a good thing to them providing many benefits such as:
  • Marking his or her territory - cats paws have scent glands in them so whenever they claw at stuff they are actually leaving his or her scent behind, this is often to allow other felines to discover other cats who live there.

  • Maintaining their claws - as your cat scratches its claws on something hard the surface cover of the claw gets taken off to reveal new improved, healthier claws. Additionally it gets rid of every waste particle snagged in them.

  • Exercise - A feline applies a great deal of energy using lots of muscles when clawing and invests a large amount of focus into this act, if you observe your cat clawing you should see her flexing and stretching showing she is getting an immense workout, meaning your feline will keep limber.

  • Communication with other felines - as with marking territory using scent, scratching serves as a good visible gauge another cat is in that particular area. It's not definitely clear why felines do this, however it could well be because around mating time it would assist in coming across a mate simply by pursuing claw marks in timber.
If your precious cat doesn't have a cat scratching post or a cat activity centre it without a doubt will use up its desire on your best piece of furniture, it can be so disheartening for you and will end up with you experiencing bitterness towards your precious feline.
Without being free to claw at one particular thing your precious feline won't receive the full workout it must have and may even develop atrophied muscles, this affliction can prevent your cat from being agile and lack the reflexes a cat ought to have.

A Cat Scratching Post to Help With Relaxing
The cat scratching post should allow your precious cat to wind down, when they scratch it your precious feline may feel content and sleep a lot better at night time, you could get a cat activity centre so it has somewhere to scratch and sleep.
Not being able to effectively clear its claws of waste material your feline might receive an infection or lose the use of its claws which will be detrimental to your cats wellbeing and happiness.
Your felines overall happiness will substantially enhance, it will live an extended much more happy life, she should be a lot more laid back and admire you more due to the fact of this.

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