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Everyone Should Know How To Make A Difference In The World

By Wanda Vaughn

Individuals on this planet need to know how to make a difference in the world before everything ends. The human race cannot think for themselves many times and they are always looking to see what others will do. This is why the politicians control everything and live very rich lifestyles.

Each person needs to think of a great idea and write it down on paper. After this is done they should try their best to turn the idea into a reality. Having all of mankind experience wealth would be one of the greatest notions ever. Companies need to start creating jobs that are willing to pay top dollar for everyone no matter what their position may be in the corporation. Earning money is the one thing that everyone looks forward to at the end of the day.

America has a very low minimum wage that cannot feed a family of four. Many people have to work two and three jobs in order to make ends meet while many top executives get millions of dollars for doing nothing. A higher minimum wage would help a slow economy especially during the holidays. Movie theaters would attract more customers on Saturday nights while the local bowling alleys will also prosper.

Very wealthy people and actors should try their best to help homeless individuals. If anyone were to travel to New York they would be quite amazed at how many people are sleeping on the streets. These celebrities could put on a benefit once a year in order to help this situation. It would also be great if the benefit really helped the needy instead of being a way for the entertainer to get more attention.

Each person or family without a home would be awarded an equal share of money that was raised from the event. This would be that persons "nest egg" for a better life. The family could also save the money and use it when they are living in their own home.

It is time for rich people to accept the fact that they are the financial future of many countries. The entire debt in America could be paid out if all of these individuals would pull their resources together. Instead of doing good things they are spending out money on many useless award shows and events.

When it comes to adoption many of the actors in America will travel to Africa in order to obtain a black child. This is not necessary since there are many black orphans who live within the states and they need parents. It would also be great if these children could have parents who were also very wealthy. It is a disgrace when such celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey travel to the other side of the planet to help children.

Our teachers really should learn how to make a difference in the world before the education system completely fails. Special needs children deserve the chance to live full normal lives like everyone else. People who stutter or have any form of autism need to be respected on every level.

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