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How To Be Happy And Go With The Flow

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Everybody wants to be happy. It is easy to become happy, all you have to do is change your name to Happy. Then you are happy. Let's face it, who wants to be known as sad?

Happiness Defined
Happiness is what? A state where bubbles of blissful endorphins fill the air and uplift you so that you feel you are walking on clouds.
This will leave you feeling spontaneous, positive, outgoing, optimistic, forgiving, and friendly--one might say, intoxicated.
What a party! Nobody is screaming, "Stop the world! I want to get off!"
When you feel happy, you just seem to go with the flow. Is this not true?
However, states of happiness experienced by most people are not continuous, unbroken experiences of the now. Most of us, if not all--as there is always the exception--experience different mood swings each day, which range from intense to relaxed. We can experience intense joy and then relaxing euphoria, or intense frustration followed by relaxing relief.

The Definition of Happy
Happy is a difficult term to define for most of us, although, you know happiness has been defined above and this speaks of the sublime, something more heavenly and other-worldly that transcends the normal experience of an Earthling.
One author has said that you are happy when you are optimistically making friends, forgiving the insolent, helping the sick, sad and lonely, and doing whatever you can to make your world a better place to live. I cannot remember who that author was, so maybe I am just making it up, or recalling a dream.

Joy Defined
Christian Sunday school teachers teach little children that JOY means Jesus first, others second and yourself last and this is how you experience a life of happiness. Although it is difficult to think of JOY, when as a child, you are feeling despondent and alone, because other children are calling you names and ostracizing you. Most children know reality is not fantasy, even if deluded adults try to tell them otherwise. So, if children have difficulty being happy, how can you be happy and go with the flow?

The Secret
You might not believe this, but I have found the secret to a form of happiness that enables me to go with the flow and enjoy the now, as well as let me smell the intoxicating fragrance of each flower.
First you need to acknowledge these five facts:
  1. Life on this Earth is futile if we are born merely to die.
  2. There is no justice in this world if we are born to suffer.
  3. There is no love in this world, merely a knowledge of its existence.
  4. You have not got the power over death.
  5. You need the answer to why you exist.
That intoxicating state I described earlier, I have literally experienced for long periods, without the aid of pharmaceuticals or illegal hallucinogens. Whenever I am not experiencing the euphoric levels of happiness, I experience an inner sensation of joy that feels like a sausage-shaped balloon inside my body rising from the region of my waist's belly button into my chest. I discovered that this sensation had erupted within my being, when I woke, the morning after the night before, when I humbled myself and challenged God to prove Himself to me.

The night I challenged God, I spoke to Him and presented my reasons why I needed answers to my questions above. Probably, because I was genuine, that is, very earnest and meant what I said--as nothing else mattered, at the time--I received the joy of salvation that is promised in the Bible.
You too can be happy and go with the flow--using discretion, of course--if you are genuine, earnest, and want to know the truth about your existence and purpose in life, because nothing else matters. Then you can enjoy the now; it just never ends.

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