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How To Obtain Dealers License In Your State

where to get dealer license

Before starting a car dealership, there are conditions that must be met. One is securing a license. In seeking to understand how to obtain dealers license, you should know that all the different states have their own regulations and requirements. These are enforced to uphold business ethics and to ensure consumers get quality products.

Some of the requirements are similar. These include the criteria of applicants having attained the age of 18 years, having business premises and registering the business legally. A property tax statement or the rental agreement or least will be needed. The lease or rental agreement must have a minimum validity period of 12 months.

Some states have other requirements such as regular business hours, commercial zoning, a telephone book listing and a permanent outdoor sign. A proprietor or individual partners are required to provide their own financial or source of funds statement as well as a Personal Criminal History Statement.

Those who are banned from holding a registration certificate or license at the time they make the application can also not be licensed. Those who are recorded in the register of disqualified company directors can also not get licensed.

If the applicant is a foreigner, an international passport will be required to facilitate a background check. This is routinely done one applications for a work visa. The holder of a work visa must have been permitted to work in the country.

If all is found to be in order, the dealership license might be granted after the applicable fee is paid. The fee amount is different from one state to another. An annual fee is also levied. In some states, dealers can get dealer plates at an extra fee.

There is another requirement and it is that a dealer has to be bonded. Again, the bond amount varies from state to state. Many insurance companies offer the bond. There are states where dealers are bonded for a particular amount if they are selling new vehicles, mobile homes and trailers for traveling. Those selling used cars are bonded for a lower amount.

On getting a motor dealer license, a dealer can obtain used vehicles for the purpose of reselling them in their entirety or in parts. They can sell them on consignment meaning they can sell them on the behalf of others for a profit. A dealer is also allowed to sell a vehicle that is leased to the leaseholder according to the terms laid out on the lease. Negotiating a vehicle purchase or sale on behalf of another party is also allowed.

Another important component of how to obtain dealers license is submitting specified forms that have been duly filled out. These are to be handed in with your application for licensing. Each state has its own form and they are available online. A good place to start a search for a license is to do some homework on what the state requirements for a dealership license are.

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