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How You Can Become A Substance Abuse Counselor Pasadena

what is alcohol and substance abuse

By Jennie Sandoval

Substance abuse counseling is a process that involves two key stages. The first stage is where an individual is physically rehabilitated from using these substances. Next stage involves where the patient put through psychological counseling as well as rehabilitation. Common substances which an individual may be rehabilitated from include alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs. There are several different types of substance abuse counselor Pasadena folks should be aware of.

There are certain factors which determine the kind of counseling an individual undergoes. These include the age of the patient, addiction severity as well as the danger posed by the individual to him/herself or to the others. These include in-patient, retreat-style and the outpatient types.

If you want a career that lets you help people, then this is your career. In order to venture into it, it is important that you study sociology or psychology at a college. This gives you the basic understanding of the task ahead.

Though there is no requirement that one studies a specific degree in order to become a counselor, you will have to take courses on physical and mental effects of addiction. Another thing that will be important to you is taking care classes in the nursing department of your institution.

There are other important considerations that have to be taken into account. It is important that, when a patient recovers to the point of being considered sober, he or she is engaged in relapse prevention. In the event that a counselor is not able to empower the individual to now be in a position where he or she can be in charge of their own lives, there is a great chance that relapse to drug abuse will occur.

Also, get in touch with the local alcohol addiction group. You may be allowed to attend their meetings where you get to see for yourself how the counselors work. But the problem is that some groups may not be comfortable with your presence especially because members will not like their privacies to be intruded.

Before you venture into this career, prepare to get into a profession which is emotionally stressful. It is possible that you will be working with people who want to reconstruct their lives and who have very troubling tales. To reduce this stress, consider looking into activities like yoga, meditation or running.

Getting certified helps improve your credentials. Get in touch with the certification board of your state and talk to them on how you can become certified. However, you will have to meet a certain number of work hours in order to be eligible for taking a written test.

Becoming certified is very important in enhancing your credential as a counselor who is licensed and certified. To be certified, you will need to have worked for certain number of hours. This makes you eligible for an exam. The above are just some of the requirements for becoming a substance abuse counselor Pasadena residents ought to know.

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