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It's Never Too Late To Be Happy - But It's All Up To You and No One Else

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Chris came into my office with a dejected look on his face. He was in his sixties and had been a successful business man for many years in our community. He retired at the age of 62 being financial set for the rest of his life.

"How is the family?" I asked as I watched his demeanor closely for clues as to what was going on. Chris and I had been friends for many years and I had never seen him in this mood or with the visage he portrayed that day.

"The wife is fine, busy with all her social engagements," said Chris. "The three kids have their lives busy with the grand kids and their jobs. We get together often and have a real good time. I just don't feel happy, Dr. Bob.

"I've been coming to your coaching sessions for many years and you and I have been friends for all that time. The other day I realized I am growing older. I just don't seem to feel as happy as you say we can be. What's going on with me?"

"It's never too late to be happy," I offered.
It can be too late for some things in life.
• Too late to start an athletic career.
• Too late to start a retirement fund.
• Too late to learn to be a concert pianist.
• Too late, with developing physical impairments, to climb Mt. Everest.
• Too late to take a supersonic plane ride because your heart could not stand the g-forces.
But it is never too late to be happy because being happy does not require any physical exertion nor any particular state of physiological ability. Happiness is acquired simply by being in a particular frame of mind and spirit.

"Chris," I said, "you are not too old or anything else to find happiness. You already know that material things and other people cannot bring you happiness. You have a vibrant family and are well situated financially. Still unhappy, though. So you know that angle well. I suspect you have not yet made a significant association with The All There Is, or as we say a lot around here, Tathis."

"But I have attend here for decades," Chris said in a manner that led me to believe he was affronted by my suggestion. "I know most everything you have taught by heart."

"Hold on, Chris, I did not mean to imply anything negative about your relationship with Tathis. But you have declared yourself unhappy and I find that folks who are unhappy do not have a dominant affinity with Tathis."
Chris seemed to calm down at those words. I suggested a guided meditation at that moment. Chris agreed, although I sensed it was somewhat reluctantly.

I led us to the mountain lake experience wherein Chris was to throw all his cares, negativities, concerns, challenges, problems, positivities, joys, fun, laughter, into that tranquil lake. We took in the beauty in sight and smell of the land surrounding the lake. Then, in our minds, just sat and relaxed, calling upon Tathis to make Its presence known in us.
I brought us back into the office where we were seated. "How do you feel now, Chris?"

"Well, I never have had such a close encounter with Tathis as I just experienced. I don't know what was different about it, but I felt closer and with a greater bond than I have ever felt before. Something definitely changed within me."

We talked some more and made two additional appointments to work further together. Over those three coaching sessions Chris came to break through his unhappiness and, especially in the second session, develop a real affinity for Tathis. He felt Tathis' kinship towards him expand as well.
Of course, Tathis' kinship is always active and strong toward you. Your receptivity to this door of happiness may not be as open as you had thought.

It is never too late to find happiness - no matter any other circumstances in your life, including your impending death. As long as you are conscious and aware you can make linkage with Tathis and find yourself happier and happier. Get to it.

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