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Love And Happiness: Keys Of Having A Wonderful Life

Do you ever wonder who discovered the words love and happiness? Why is it when love is missing we can't attain happiness and when latter is missing we can't feel the former. Why should these two words be always be together to have a wonderful life? We know that happiness is a feeling of great pleasure, contentment and joy.

And fondness is a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons. So, it's obvious to say that it is the way to genuine happiness. Many people say that the way to be happy in life is to care and to be cared for by someone.

There are common forms of passion such as affection of a woman to a man, parents to children, care for their country, passion for their work and worship for our God. The most common maxim that we can hear from the young or old is that love is blind. Why is it that they think this saying is very common? When we say blind it doesn't mean that he is ugly or physically disabled.

It doesn't have boundaries in any degree, religious belief, age, and even gender. You can absolutely determine when a person is in love. It seems as if they are floating in the air and you can see all the joy and happiness in them. Without any doubt, if you see someone who is in seventh heaven, some positive situations happened.

For instance, they found their real partner in life, they got a promotion, their wife just give birth for a bouncing baby boy and their children got a scholarship. There are so many reason why people are happy and that's not because of material things but because of passion that they share together.

Because of tenderness we become strong to face all the obstacles in our life. It gets rid of the insecurities that humans feel and makes us accomplish our goal in life. It also eliminates the negative vibes around us and let us look at our life into positive views. Love and happiness can be attained in a simple way.

When you are surrounded by people who you care for and the other way around, everything is so smooth and easy for you. Problems seem so simple when someone you care for comforts and shows sympathy to you. The love and happiness that you can share to them is unconditional and it doesn't have any substitute.

Material things and power can be a substitute but that it will never be authentic. People who are experiencing this will keep on seeking for the true one. They didn't grow with full of passion in their surroundings. They let themselves be controlled by material things and they thought that it's authentic happiness.

When we are full of love, our life is full gladness because we know what we want, what is making us happy. When we give, love and share, we touch our inner soul and other peoples inner mind. We have to emphasize the real meaning of love and happiness, so that all people in the world can attain peace and have a wonderful life.

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