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The Components of Happiness


Is life a tragedy or a triumph? Are we born to succeed or destined to fail? At some point in our lives, we will all have a crisis of faith; and when we do, we will turn somewhere for help and guidance. Some of us turn to religion, some of us turn to self-help, some of us resort to alcohol or drugs and some of us become reliant on medication. Other people will blame something else such as fate or bad luck or even someone else such as God for their misfortunes. But what about those of us who refuse to blame external influences for our lack of success?
The truth is that we are all responsible for our own lives, though many of us fail to acknowledge this responsibility. But if we want to, we can take charge and turn our lives around. Most of us are familiar with the phrase 'you create your own luck', but how many of us actually believe it?
Taking responsibility will allow you to create your own good luck and turn failure into success. You can benefit from taking responsibility even if you are already happy and fulfilled because doing so would ensure that your happiness and fulfillment continues.
Happiness is something that we all seek and many of us become lost whilst trying to find it. This is because many of us adopt the belief that the key to happiness lies in the material things that we seek, such as an abundance of money, a good car, the best clothes, all the latest gadgets, or a large house. Whilst it is not wrong to want these material things, this delusional belief that happiness lies in the acquisition of them is the reason that so many of us have a tendency to notice what we haven't got, which, in turn, causes us to feel unhappy.
The truth is that material things by themselves do not bring us happiness - even some lottery winners have stated, a few years later, that it was actually the worst thing that ever happened to them. Many people have striven for material things only to find that when they acquired them, there was still something missing from their lives; they did not have the fulfillment that they expected to have.
It can be quite damaging if we believe that our happiness depends on the possession of material things because we can easily lose our sense of self as we search for this happiness that we so desperately seek.
For example, imagine that you are driving to your desired destination and that you get lost along the way. You continue driving around trying to find your way back to the road that leads you to your destination. You try new roads only to later find that they are taking you even further away from your destination. You then make u-turns and so you end up driving in circles. You are constantly looking for the road to your desired destination, but you are just going round and round and you are getting no closer to where you want to be.
After a while of aimlessly driving around, you begin to feel frustrated, angry and irritated. As you continue to drive around, with no idea of where you are going, these negative emotions become stronger and so you become even more stressed. In the same kind of way, the more we lose ourselves in this search for happiness, the worse we feel. The more we look for happiness, the less satisfied we will become with our lives as they are and so the less happy we will be.
True happiness can sometimes feel like a distant dream. Perhaps you have relationship issues, excessive debt problems or ill health. It is often during the most challenging times in our lives that we develop ourselves the most. This is because unwanted things are often the catalyst for change.
Inner-peace, acceptance, love and belief are all fundamental to true happiness. Inner-peace requires us to remove all detrimental thoughts and beliefs. Acceptance requires us to make peace with things the way they are. Love requires us to let go of all anger and resentment. And belief requires us to be hopeful and optimistic, rather than fearful and pessimistic.
The constituents of true happiness all come from within, thus happiness is a state of mind. Therefore, it is possible to find true happiness even in difficult circumstances, though intentionally achieving true happiness means mastering our own minds.

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