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The Challenges Of Kenyan Orphans

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By Grace Daniels

Kenyan orphans have had a very difficult life because of the increased poverty in the country. They have had challenges but never give in their life because they can see a bright future ahead. No one would lie to be an orphan it is the circumstances that force them to be in that situation. Despite the effort of various individuals and government to help them, they are so many hence providing for them all is a challenge.

There are institutions that house those children by providing the basic requirements for them. They are located in several regions of the country. They receive help from well wishers who give them hand outs to help them in conducting their activities efficiently. The government also gives them funds that are non refundable together with other organizations.

Most of the families are not able to take those and make them their own but they can take care of them by various ways. This makes them feel loved and can interact with the rest of the community who do not despise them because they are poor or have no parents. They donate the basic commodities to the orphanages and this aids in running the processes conducted in the institution.

It is not a wish of any parent to leave their children under care of someone else during their life time. One can not avoid death because it comes at anytime and anywhere. Therefore parents are advised to secure a future for their loved ones while they have a chance so that they will not suffer even when they die.

The country is poor and has low economic standards and this is a hindrance to the development strategies. They rely on help from other countries and this is challenge especially if they do not receive any help. The organizations have also helped them achieve their objectives by offering the money they need as well as other necessities.

Some parents also abandon their kids at a very tender age in such of earthly pleasures and when they come back to their homes, the children are no longer with them. This hence increases the number of them on the streets and in the institutions which could be avoided if the right measures are taken. The parents need to ensure that they get the number of kids that they are able to raise and have them at the right time and age.

Poor leadership in many countries is a result of the unending rate of poverty. The leaders are corrupt and self centered who want to acquire things for their own benefit and do not mind whether the residents are suffering or not. This as increased poverty levels which in turn causes death and reduced population which when maintained leads to rise in economic status.

Kenyan orphans despite experiencing challenges have grown to understand their situation. When they become independent, they go back to the society and give back to help those who are experiencing the same problem. This brings up an upright society that follows the morals and norms governing them.

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kenyan children facts

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