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Save My House Tips - You Must Act Now Before Congress Changes The Rules

House Tips

By Monica B. Nice

The most recent foreclosure statistics present a disheartening image of the real estate market and the American economy. According to RealtyTrac, an average of 1 in every 634 housing units received a foreclosure filing in December of 2011. The states with the highest rates of foreclosure were California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Illinois. As homeowners across the country are facing foreclosure or threatened foreclosure, it is important to consider what remedies are available.

Actually the huge number of homes that have gone to foreclosure has helped people in this situation. Banks can't handle all the foreclosures and for the first time in history, are modifying home loans. This would have never happened in a normal market. The problem was so widespread that the government has allotted funds to help banks absorb the loss they incur when modifying a mortgage.

The program started slowly but now has the kinks worked out and more loan modifications are being approved than ever before. Just as things are getting rolling, the new powers in the House of Representatives have pledged to cut the budget and assistance to banks. If they are successful the number of approved loan modifications will plunge. If you have been hanging on by a thread, the time to act is now.Banks have their own language. They talk about debt ratios, FICO scores and loan-to-value. If you are familiar with these terms you can probably negotiate the loan modification yourself if you know the right steps, the proper forms to submit and how to fill them out so the lender will be compelled to say yes.

And if you spend $2,000 on a bankruptcy attorney in a last minute ditch effort, you may have wished you spent the money on a different attorney, or maybe an attorney who specializes in loan modifications. And if you don't have the funds right now but your home is scheduled for a sale tomorrow, you have to do something fast, because the bank won't wait for you. If you don't have the $2,000 for an attorney to stop your sale today, then you sure won't need one after they take your home tomorrow.

Next, this attorney will schedule a sale of your home. This is the first day of foreclosure. You might find a notice on your door or receive a statement in the mail. Either way, you have until the sale date to make arrangements with your lender to keep your home or pay the amount that is due, now including attorney fees. Still, after the sale date you may have a redemption period, which is a period of time in which you can still get your home back after it has been sold, provided you can pay all outstanding balances and costs that were incurred during foreclosure.

How do you make sure you fill everything out and do all the required things so that the clerk accepts your file? Find someone else who did it. If you could just see how someone else did it -- every single detailed step from point A to Z, wouldn't that give you confidence that you could do it on your own too? Then, when you ask yourself how to save my house from foreclosure, your answer can be simple. "I did it myself."

Stopping your foreclosure by filing your own chapter 13 bankruptcy won't fix things permanently, but it stops the immediate crisis so you can think clearer and live to fight your lender another day. Once your sale is stopped, take a deep breath, and with your head a little clearer, you can start making the bigger decisions.The George Osborne budget has meant that that at least up to 600,000 public sector jobs could be cut over the next five years.

Here's the thing: none of those means you are in foreclosure.If you get a letter from your bank telling you you are in foreclosure, you are not in foreclosure.Even if you are six months behind with the mortgage and you've received four letters from the bank saying you are in foreclosure, you are not in foreclosure.This is important, so I'll repeat it. You are not in foreclosure because your bank says you are.Only one of two things can notify you officially of foreclosure.A Notice of Trustee Sale.A Notice of Sheriff's Sale.Once you receive either of those, you are officially in foreclosure. Your house will be auctioned, usually in about 90 days' time, depending on which state you live in.

Why is this important?Because, if your bank tells you you are in foreclosure, and you haven't yet received notice of Trustee Sale or notice of Sheriff's Sale, there is still time for a loan modification company to intercede on your behalf.They will have a team of dedicated attorneys who will negotiate with the bank or lender to achieve a substantial reduction in interest rate (and maybe loan principal) on your mortgage, to reduce the monthly payment to a level which you can afford on an ongoing basis. To save your home, no less.(If any loan modification company approaches you who do not have their own dedicated attorneys, walk away.)

What if you have already received notice of Trustee Sale or notice of Sheriff's Sale, and are officially in foreclosure? Can nothing be done?In this case, a loan modification company may still be able to help you.The first thing they will have to do is contact the bank to stall foreclosure.Once the foreclosure process has been stopped, then they can proceed to negotiate to modify the loan.Obviously in this case, speed is of the essence. If you are close to foreclosure, or have recently received official notification of foreclosure, don't delay - engage the services of a reputable loan modification company right away.There is a good possibility they can help you to save your home.

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