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Understanding The Importance Of Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens
By Neva Grant

The plants have the ability to produce their own foods. They also become nourishment to both man and animals. Hence, the description of a producer is only fitting. Moreover, many plants bear medicinal values with its efficiency witnessed and proven by men since time immemorial. It is unfortunate, though, that even plants are not exempted from the threats extinction. This is the reason that botanical gardens in Atlanta were developed. While the purpose may have slowly shifted, it still has the same significant function.

The botanic gardens were first used in cultivating and studying plants that are believed to bear healing properties. Flora is confined in plantations to cultivate, observe and reproduce. Through the years, some of its roles may have changed. At some point, it was used as a hobby like pleasure gardens. At present, it plays diverse roles like social cohesion, political empowerment, plant conservation and education to name a few.

The gardens have roles in horticulture and cultivation. Vegetation may be lost in nature if not properly taken care of. By confining the species of plants in the brink of extinction, the likelihood of preserving its kind increases. This also plays significant function for the restoration, rehabilitation and reclamation of degraded habitats.

The living collection of different plant species under different groupings can help maintain genetic biodiversity. The botanic garden is designed to remain as close to the natural environment as possible. There is a link between one specie to another, so the survival of one kind is essential to the survival of the others. The more diverse a habitat is, the higher its survival rate.

There are seed banks that ensure the conservation of a plant specie for the years to come. The garden safeguards the living collections to secure them for future generations. In order to keep its genetic diversity, the vegetation is carefully selected and stored. Before perfecting the most suitable environment, a lot of research and sample taking is needed. This is one distinct purpose of a botanic garden.

The field of education also benefits from this. The gardens help in project research and development. These are critical in phytochemistry, plant taxonomy and genetics. To get a better hold of the plant's compositions, it has to be classified into a particular selection. This datum is also needed in its cultivation and preservation.

Moreover, the garden is the key to help people understand the real importance of conserving the plants. Not everyone is given the chance to visit a forest filled with multi-species of plants. A regular person may not fully understand the roles that flora plays in the ecosystem. By allowing access of the general public, the drive can reach a wider, more diverse audience.

As expected, the plants can also help maintain the people's well-being. With the perils of global warming increasing day by day, sustainability is an important aspect that must be considered. The urban greening project is an effective means to improve the quality of life for a particular area. Green landscaping can improve the emotional, mental and physical well-being of its residents aside from its aesthetic value.

With the important roles played by botanical gardens in Atlanta, it is only right to develop even more of it. Everyone has the responsibility to maintain natural biodiversity. This is a job for all, not just for a few organizations or the government. It is a relief that such solutions are readily available.

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