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Important Information On A Personal Life Coach

Personal Life Coach
By Cathy Mercer

There are numerous reasons as to why one would need a personal life coach. Before we look at all these reasons, we need to understand what the main role of such an individual is. While minor differences exist depending on factors related to both the client and the coach or instructor, the basics are the same. Life instructors focus on imparting their clients with knowledge and skills that will help them deal with various challenges that they are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

A life instructor can be of benefit to an individual of virtually any age. Young persons may require such individuals when choosing careers or spouses, making investments and so on. Those that are already in employment may wish to chart a certain direction. It is the instructor who will advise them on how to get to their destination. Older persons may need advice on how to spend their twilight years optimally.

Several methods can be employed by the instructor depending on the preferences of the parties involved. The two main methods that are used include face-to-face interviews and telephonic interviews. Regardless of the chosen method, the results are almost similar. The use of the telephone is widely preferred, however, due to the convenience that it comes with. It allows the client and the instructor to converse from virtually any location at any time.

Life coaching requires that a person generates solutions to their problems form deep within them. This is in contrast to what is done in related fields where the counsellor tries to give advice from their perspective. Each session aims at developing an individually wholly and not just imposing short term solutions on them. Since it is driven by both the client and the instructor, this approach often yields very good results.

An effective coach has a number of outstanding qualities. The most important of these is that they do not make assumptions about what their clients want. They also do not dictate on what they think should be done. The role they play is to provide a good environment for the individual to reflect on their life and to make well informed decisions. This makes them more of facilitators than teachers.

Another important quality that should be possessed by the instructor is empathy. This is the ability to see things from the point of view of the client and to experience the same emotions that they have been experiencing. This makes it easier to understand them and thus the coach is in a position to guide the discussion more effectively.

Apart from being a source of inspiration for many people, this field is also a career choice. The popularity of the profession has been increasing steadily over the last few years. This increase is thought to be due to a number of reasons. One of them is the fact that people want to take up careers in this field because they have been inspired by a life coach in the past and they want to inspire another person in return. The other major reason is that very little training is required if any.

Although there is a close relationship between life coaching and psychology, there is a distinct difference between the two. Whereas the psychologist claims to have virtually all the answers to problems, the personal life coach does not. He allows the client to find answers themselves. One of the similarities between the two is that in both, good listening skills are required and long term genuine relationships between the client and service provider are central to success.

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