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Law Of Attraction And Love

By Glenda Feilen

What is the secret to love? Is there such a thing?? No matter whom you are and what you do, there is one law you cannot disregard if you want to be happy, healthy and prosperous. It is the most important law of all the laws in the universe. It affects your financial situation, your work results, relationships, your romance, the people you work with, and literally everything in your life.

What is your ability to love? Can you do it at will? Love has unrivaled power because it is the energy that unifies the world and everything in it. Could you love everything and everyone? Is it doable? It sure is! A Harvard research study on the strength of love found that love can be deliberately produced by human beings. You can learn to generate love as purposefully as you do other things.

How do you create love? You can create love in many ways. Some of those ways are in showing approval, appreciation, tenderness, kindness, faithfulness, and validation.

Life is a process of giving and receiving. Everybody knows you have got to give in order to receive. Begin giving love now. Give it to yourself, to everyone in your life, to your ambitions. Give it through your ideas, words, emotions and behavior. Develop a consciousness of love. Intentionally practice feeling love for a few minutes each day. Think of love as a brilliant, luminous light that surrounds and empowers you. When you go through a hard time, let this light penetrate and saturate your whole being.

Whenever you send out love, you are offering a high energy vibration; as a result you can expect high energy things and people to come into your life. Giving love is the most important law in the Law of Attraction. The lamination of love will transform everything in your life for the better!

A huge part of creating love is being gracious for things you have. When attempting to better your situation. Even when life gives you lemons, by being grateful for what you have, you are without a doubt ahead of the game. If you decide to go forward with gratitude, you start with a winning attitude as opposed to a "poor me" attitude.

It's crucial that you make a plan of exactly what you would like. Don't skimp on what you want. Always try to think bigger than what you had before. Never go forward without a substantial enhancement from your past. Once you've decided, the next step is significant. Write it down! When you do this, your plan seeps into your subconscious mind which is synchronized with the universe and attracts exactly what you've ordered. When life gives you lemons, it also gives you a huge opportunity to improve if you play it right.

By seeing your dreams in your thoughts and feelings as if it was already achieved, your cells are receiving the energy of what you want. When your cells send vibrations to the universe, the universe send you situations, people, and things complementing those vibrations. When you picture your future using your senses, your dreams arise quicker.

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