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What Are You Looking Forward To In Life?

Forward To In Life
By Heidi Shimberg

What are you looking forward to? What is the event, destination, person, or feeling that occupies that little place in your mind that when you think about it, the corner of your mouth hints of a tiny smile. The gleam in your eye takes your imagination to that particular thing in some future time or place and transforms the present into an acceptable state, however the comfort or the situation.

From our earliest moments, we certainly have looked forward to birthdays, trips to Disney World, favorite foods, best friends, first days of the summer season, shopping trips with a parent, fishing with a favorite uncle, or baking pies with an aunt. Our planet was shaped by these forward feelings, and our boring normalcy was more palatable with ideas of what was around the corner. Just how ironic that the simplicity of childhood had any sort of necessity for such thinking. But so it went, and there it was.

As life grows longer in the tooth, do we continue to explore such longings? Do we remember what we look forward to next? Do we realize that the habits we established as children are just as important today as we live our lives filled with a greater sense of complexity and confusion, sometimes losing focus on just what we should really be focusing upon?

Think about what you look forward to today? It could be something in your life, or the life of a loved one. Your grandson's wedding ceremony in December, your daughter's graduation ceremony from medical school, your completion of next month's 5K run, your successful completion of physical therapy from rotator cuff surgery.

Concentrate on providing that an energy that will inspire your behavior towards your next milestone. Your next year...Your next month...Or your next day. At every age, we should continually be looking forward to something - it makes living in the present far more attractive, because similar to reading a book, you have the next page to go to.

Life should always manifest that little smile at the corner of your face when you reflect upon that which you look forward to. You owe it to yourself to keep that childhood tradition alive and well while traveling along life's every-changing journey.

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