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Are You the Real Cause for Creating Success in Your Life?

We all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles & beliefs. Yet some of us succeed & some of us fail. Why is that? Why can't everyone in life be successful? Have you ever stopped to ponder this thought?
The plain & simple truth I have come to really understand is that anyone can be successful. It's not easy, but anyone alive today can create the success they desire in life. The only difference between a successful person & someone who isn't, is their mindset. Their thoughts & beliefs & the stories they tell themselves. You see, someone who is successful has spent a lot of time & effort working on how they think & what they say to themselves. They believe with every part of their body that they deserve to be successful & WILL achieve it.
In other words, what you ultimately think and believe determines how you see & live your life. As humans, we tend to be our own stoppers, or success blockers. We have the power to change our lives to be on course which what we ultimately desire. Until we really understand this, we will continue to spiral down the same old negative path.
It doesn't matter where you have grown up, what your background is or what you may have experienced in your life. If you understand that your ability to creates success comes down to your own belief system, then you are already halfway there.
Some of the most successful people in the world today have come from horrible or negative experiences & completely blow expectations out of the water. They go on to create more than was originally thought possible. How do they do this? Simple. They overcome their own fears & negative beliefs & turn them into daily positive reinforcements.
Take Oprah for example. Here's a multi billionarie who such as hell didn't grow up in a positive & happy environment. She learnt to direct her beliefs & thoughts into an optimistic state, where she truly believed that anything was possible. She overcame the negative adversity around her, as well as her own harmful thoughts.
A great tip to help with this is to count your wins at the end of everyday. You will start to realise that by focusing on the positive, you actually achieve more than you originally thought. This will help guide you to start working towards bigger & better achievements, as you count & reward yourself for your daily wins.
My friends, when you live in the state of positive thought patterns, nothing can stop you. Everyone will hit roadblocks, but it's what you do when you hit them that will ultimately determine the direction you head. Stay clear, stay focused & know truly for yourself that you are the ONLY cause for what & how you experience in your life.
To your Success!
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