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Success in Life and How to Achieve It

First things first. What is YOUR definition of "success"? What determines whether or not someone is successful in your eyes? For some people it is having a lot of money, for others it may be having the time freedom to play golf once a week, and for others it may be raising their children to be "good people" or having a large group of close friends. For every one of us, there is a different definition of what success is for others, and what success is for ourselves in our own lives. The more important of the two is how we measure success for ourselves, not for others. In order to have success in our own lives we must first define, within ourselves, what it IS to be successful and then set our hearts and minds on achieving it. The basic foundation to attaining success is setting goals and when you achieve those goals, you have success.
The goals that we set for ourselves can come in all shapes and sizes. Some may seem small and some may seem outrageously ambitious in the eyes and minds of others. Whatever the size of the goal or whatever the goal is, when we accomplish it, it will equate to success no matter how big or small. If you feel that making tiny little steps is more of your nature, then set small goals for yourself in your life. A bucket full of small incremental successes is just as valid as reaching a long-term goal in larger steps. As a matter of fact, every long-term goal requires smaller short-term goals for them to ultimately come to fruition. That's just the way it works. We've all heard of the concept of the "overnight success", right?
Well, I will guarantee that each one of those overnight successes have been achieving other quieter, less public, subtler successes along the way before "getting their big break". Nobody becomes an overnight success overnight. The bottom line is that in order to succeed in life we must have goals, whether big or small. You can still be a big thinker and a very successful person by accomplishing bite-sized goals and succeeding at them one at a time. The journey towards your ultimate goals is an exciting one when we have incremental successes along the way. And when we achieve those successes along the way, it's important to celebrate them and to be inspired by them, so that we are motivated to achieve the ultimate goals in our lives as well.
Carolyn Quan is an Entrepreneur, internationally-collected Fine Artist and Mentor to artists. She is based in Emeryville, California which is in the San Francisco Bay Area and works from her artist's loft when she is not traveling the world on business and for art shows. Her professional experience includes working as a graphic designer in television in Toronto; working as an Art Director in the music industry in New York City (designing album covers for Grateful Dead, Carly Simon, Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin amongst others); and publishing a full-color multicultural magazine that was distributed at Borders, Barnes and Noble and Chapters in Canada. Prior to her move to California, she was the owner of The Quan Galleries in both Lahaina, Maui and Waikiki. Her fine art is also held in the permanent art collection of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Bloomington, Indiana and has been shown in Rio de Janeiro; New York City; Los Angeles; Taos, New Mexico; Riviera Maya, Mexico; Toronto, Canada; and throughout the Hawaiian islands. Carolyn Quan is living her dreams and is passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge with others in business, personal development and in fine art, so that they, too, can be living the life of their dreams.
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