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Being Positive

Do Not Be Negative!
Living your life negatively will affect all of those that are around you as well as yourself. It's a viscous circle a catch 22 situation. You don't succeed because of your negative belief and when you don't succeed it strengthens your negative belief. Your mind is the fastest and most clever computer in history and there is no signs of that changing soon. Don't waste it because it is capable of some truly remarkable stuff. Being negative will only stop you from succeeding and you deserve better than that. Being negative will make you unhappy and in extreme times, being negative may even make you depressed, depressed with the thoughts that you are nothing, you have nothing to give and there is nothing out there for you. Honestly the amount of people who really should be more positive in there lives shocks me everyday. These people have loving families, they have loving children, good health and some of them even have decent enough jobs, but still they are negative all the time and that makes them unhappy. I can put a bet on these people becoming depressed and alone sooner rather than later if they don't learn to be more positive.
So how can you learn to be positive?
People learn everything that they do in their lives and the same is true with them being negative. So if you have learned to be negative could you not learn to become positive? Of course you can, but Rome wasn't built in 1 day and neither can your attitude change in 1 day. It takes time and it takes effort. But won't that be worth it in the long term? Won't it be worth it when you finally pluck up the courage to apply for your dream job, or when you decide to leave your current job to run that business you always dreamed of having and best of all won't it be worth it when you're finally happy?
Becoming Positive.
So it's now time to change your attitude and to become a more positive human being. So how can you do it? My 1st tip is to start to look for things you are good at but haven't really paid any attention to. The reasons for this is that we get so wound up on concentrating on what we are not good at, that we never seem to notice what we are good at. How terrible does that sound? But it's true, now if you are a truly negative individual I can put my money on you thinking at this point that you're not good at anything. Well that's crap that's utter rubbish. Everyone is good at stuff, you just have to think harder or even better, why not try asking your friends and your family? Who knows you might be amazed at what you will find. Your friends and you family will probably be able to see things that you do differently than you can, that is because they are not looking through cloudy vision. They will notice what you do and say more than what you will because we all tend to do what we are good at on auto pilot. Because we are so good at whatever it is, we don't have to think about what it is we are good at. Once you start to hear about the things you are good at your attitude will already begin to change because you now know that you are not that useless human that you once believed you were, now that belief has been proven to be false you can no longer accept it.
Get rid of the negative voice in your head and replace it with a positive one. Everyone of us has an inner voice, that same voice that tells us, 'not to be stupid, we won't succeed'. That voice comes from our unconscious and we all know how powerful our unconscious minds are don't we? But the fact is you are in control and if you truly choose to replace that inner negative voice with something that is in fact positive like, 'You can do this'. That is what being positive is all about. So if you can learn to do these 2 thing's, you can learn to stop being negative and become a new positive individual. Remember it takes time and it does in fact take effort, but these are the 2 best ways that I used myself when I changed my own attitude from a negative one to a positive one, so I am living proof that they do work.
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