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Once Again - How Can You Tell If You Are Happy?

Again, how can you say that you are happy? He feels that he grew up on welfare, as measured by:

  1. positive affect
  2. subjective happiness - the way you think it feels when you recognize and put aside their habits of thought happiness
  3. Satisfied (content) with life

  It may seem strange, but people want to be happy and they want to know they are happy. Human beings have a strong tendency to compare ourselves to others. I as well as anyone else or a girl? If we are, if not better than someone else, you feel good.

  Of course, as we grow up, we realize that to compare with another person is neither positive nor wise. There will always be someone better than us and always someone worse off than us.

  What we have to do is compare ourselves to ourselves. You need to know how you and against their own rules. This is where we can say whether or not we are happy today than last year.

  There are three ways to know they are happier than they were (at least three).

  1. You act happier;
  2. Do you think you are happier;
  3. Are you satisfied with your life.

  Let us look at each of them.

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