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Happiness and the Circle of Life

"The circle of life" is a phrase heard now and again, perhaps made famous by a certain movie and stage play wherein the circle of life is seen to be complete. In purely impersonal terms it may be the passing of genes from one generation the next to the next so life of that type continues.
I here give it an additional meaning. For me the circle of life means a way in which you can find yourself being happy and continuing to be happy. Happiness progressing in a cyclical fashion. But that sounds, to my ear, to be very clinical. Let me try a more dynamic representation.
Suppose you are mighty flowing river, flowing into the sea. Along the banks of you, the river, live thousands of people many of whom make their living from the river. Many seek to please tourists who come to experience your clean, clear, powerful flow year after year. Some folks ply the river in tugs and barges carrying commerce up and down the indomitable waters.
But not only humans call the river home or a living. Any number of species of birds, animals and fish call the watery neighborhood home and a way of life. Finny creatures spawn yearly in the bright Adam's ale of your flow. Feathery creatures nest in the trees on your banks or fish beneath the surface for scaley creatures.
So you, as a river, support life. To some you are life for without you they could not exist and go on being. But how are you supported? What gives you, the river, life? You drain into the sea and vapor from that sea evaporates into the air to form rain clouds and snow clouds at your headwaters, at the beginning of your life many, many miles up stream.
The rains come and the droplets gather to form tiny streamlets and then larger streams and small rivers until they all flow into you and make you new again. Snow falls in the winter near your watershed's beginnings. The snow melts in the spring and summer filling your banks continually with fresh water.
All this provides you with life anew and you provide life anew for all the folks and creatures who live and work in you and along your way. This process repeats itself with every new year and sometimes with each novice season. The circle of life bears on and on. The circle of life is complete in you - the river.
So it is with happiness. When you find happiness through a genuine and profound connection with The Source of All There Is, you become a river of happiness and continue the circle of life by giving that happiness away much like the river apportions its resources.
Indeed, it can come to feel as if a mighty river of happiness is ever coursing through you. The closer you make yourself move toward The Source Of All There Is, the greater the overrun of happiness will be within you. You will simply want to share with all you encounter. You are so full yourself of life giving resources that you cannot help yourself in sharing your spiritual wealth.
Mind you, this is not something you have to do. There is no force or coercion involved here. Entirely the opposite is at work, actually. Your will is totally free. As if the river had total volition in determining where it flowed and when it coursed. However, that is just the point.
When you wish to be refreshed with enlivening happiness within yourself, you make room for it within yourself by giving it away. The river makes room for more water from its sources by flowing into the sea. You make more room, so to speak, for additional happiness by sharing from the never ending Source of happiness. Then the cycle repeats and repeats - the circle of life.
Wish you had more happiness until it bursts its way out of you? Maintain your sound connection with The Source Of All There Is and give away the happiness that simply wells up within you from that continual current that is The Source. Get to it.
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