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Happy Wife, Happy Life - A Biblical Viewpoint

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing,and obtains favor from the LORD"~ Proverbs 18:22 (KJV)
The phrase "happy wife, happy life" comes from the Bollywood film, Bride and Prejudice (2004), and although it may be considered a crime against women condescending, there is another important aspect, in fact, I think the biblical truth behind such a phrase - a truth to highlight the need for husbands to treat their wives like princesses.
Being a husband, it might seem like an impossible task - to treat the love of his life as a princess, in spite of neglect, she can handle it. But the principle of the Gospel resounds in the Bible is that we serve our contemporaries as if we serve God - unconditionally. God deals with the rest.
One could imagine what it would be like a husband is to sacrifice for women, especially in the things he could do for her, so he could give, and love, in service to her like a princess must be used. How can I look?
Be real princesses are entitled to royal treatment, and with the privilege of the actual position is always honored. It was she who, in addition to honor. Whatever the circumstances, you must comply. (However, we husbands never get quite right - but our intention is important.)
Ask any man just this question: what is the beautiful woman who wants to marry? They will not be able to find the words to describe a woman satisfactory. They would do anything for her. Single men hate to see married women treated harshly, disrespect, and abandoned. They are ungrateful tending to his wife. Come a coward.
Due to the phenomenon known as "the man [White] privilege" Most women are disadvantaged, not only physically, compared to men. Consequently, most women learn to expect less than most men. C is perhaps an unpleasant truth. But the truth is that women tend to be more virtuous and deserves more respect (which we might call "love") that most men are willing to give them.
I can say from personal experience that it was difficult to learn the importance of treating my wife like a princess. I often fall into the error of considering the same thing. But of course, this is not entirely accurate. Every man with his daughters would agree. We want our children - our women - who are treated specially, for good reason.
Men who do not treat their wives reflects a society ungodly and those who neglect the marginalized.
However, a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, according to the Word of God. He found favor with God. In a similar proverb (Proverbs 8:35), who finds wisdom finds favor with God. When a man marries a woman who has been blessed more than you think, but he did not know for years, if ever. We must pray more husbands could see the revelation of God in this matter and intend to be faithful to their wives prince.
When a man learns to treat his wife in a way that makes her happy to have a happy life. It is a life and he deserves it. But a man must make his wife happy first. He takes the initiative. It's their job.

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