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What Is Time Management, Indeed - Simple Formula for A Happy Life

The most prominent quality of the successful people is, they are the best time managers, and use available time as the most important asset for them. According to Brain Tracy; 'Time management is Life management', so the case of managing your time is much more than a skill or ability. Those people who develop the habit of utilizing their available time in the areas, where the ROI is higher; indeed perform the best. Whether you talk about the personal life or professional life, your ability to divide the fair amount of time for every activity you involve in, will ultimately determine the quality of your life.
It is generally said, we are living in the era of time constrains or time-deficit. Where people do not find enough time to become as competitive as their peers are. I do not agree with this simply because of the fact that, there are thousands of people, who are still making millions, earning good repute, and developing relations and networks. So, if the deficit is general, why are those people so much successful, than the rest? If the problem is common and shared, why do some of them are performing extraordinary and getting the most out of the same 24 hours that we posses? Do they have 48 hours a day?
No, the case is not like this, indeed they too have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. However, they have developed the ability to use their time in an efficient way and hence, their return on that asset is higher than that of ordinary people. Some of the people are of the view that this type of skills and abilities are natural and cannot be cultivated or adopted. To some extent this is true, that natural abilities and talent does play a very important role. However, this does not rule out the importance and significance of putting an effort to learn something.
All of us have the natural ability to learn, speak, live and read. Then why some people are more expert in speaking, reading or doing something than the rest? This is simply because of the fact that, they put extra efforts to learn more, and hence, they have more knowledge, skills and abilities. Now, having said this entire let me put this in another way. Your ability to manage your time (indeed life ) can be developed, sharpened and improved with the passage of time and a little but regular investment in your self-improvement.
Time wasters are only those people, who do not value their as well as other peoples' time. If you want to become successful time manager, (say life manager) you will have to understand the value of your time. Just remind yourself of the fact that a moment passed will never come again. Once you develop a sense of value for your time and life, you will start thinking differently and live successfully. This would indeed be the start of a new life, the better one, the excellent one. Hence, developing a sense of value for time and life is an essential ingredient for the better life and time management.
Think that the time passed will never come back to you again, so use it in the best available manner. Invest your time more carefully than you invest your money because money can be regained but not the time. This only requires thinking a bit differently from the rest and If you can change your thoughts, you can definitely change your world as said by Shakespeare!
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