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How to Succeed in Career and Life

Years ago, I heard from the great Earl Nightingale his definition of success which is, "The progressive realization of a worthy ideal." The worthy ideal is in my view personal, and subjective. I say this because many people view success by the amount of money and property that you have accumulated. Although the accumulation of money and things symbolizes a certain kind of success, what a worthy ideal really means is that which serves others and fulfills a personal passion.
Take the school teacher that makes little money but is thrilled with their profession and is certainly contributing to our society. How about the musician that may not be rich and famous; however, he or she is happy in what they do and creating music for your pleasure. I've mentioned my neighbor Raul in another article and why he is a successful person even though others on the surface view him otherwise. Raul drives a trash truck and is happy with his work, and he knows that his work also contributes to society. He is progressively realizing a worthy ideal!
You the reader may have searched for information on success so I'll give you short but powerful tips on success. Am I qualified. I think so. I am not rich. I don't own a lot of "stuff." Never have, and prefer to live light. However, I have gotten degrees, honors in education and military, Special Forces, Ranger, Airborne, Sergeant Major; top Salesman, top Sales Manager, top Regional Sales Manager, and many more qualifications and awards. This is not who I am... just what I've done. The thing is, I know my greatest success is doing what I love and at the same time helping others achieve their "progressive realization of a worthy ideal." Below, I share how to succeed in life without stress. Simple and proven.
1. Know what you want, what makes you happy, and serves others. You already know.
2. Think about it all the time.
3. Write it down on a card and read it out loud every morning, noon, before bed; as much as possible.
4. Meditate and let ideas come to you for your worthy ideal's realization.
5. Take those ideas and set goals and make plans.
6. Take inspired action each day.
We humans only control 3 things that affect our life positively or negatively. We do not control anything else. Here are those three things:
1. We can control our thinking
2. We can control what we visualize
3. We control our actions
Take control of your life! Follow your passion, your worthy ideal, and apply the steps given here in this article now! Make this a habit. Never let up. Do not quit. Appreciate each day of life. Practice smiling each day as much as possible whether you are alone or with others.
Do this... and you are already successful. You are on your progressive realization of a worthy ideal!
How to live a Balanced and Fulfilling life!
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