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Stop Telling Stories!

When I was a kid, we lived next door to our cousins. And one of them was always telling "tall tales". They were quite elaborate and even entertaining. But when they started to take a turn and I began to bear the blame of some concocted story, things got a little ugly. "Stop telling stories", I would yell! One of the things I could not understand about the whole situation was how long it took the grown-ups to figure out what was going on here. What was amazing to me was that my cousin, after time, actually believed his own stories to be true and would become quite upset when suggested otherwise. Eventually, my cousin fessed up to the larger than life sagas, but now as an adult it still remains vivid in my mind.
Stories. Do you tell them? We all have stories to tell. You think your past eludes you, but if you aren't living from a conscious place, you make today's decisions based on your past stories. Perhaps not in a narrative, but the lenses through which you see life is a manner of telling stories. Your stories are stored deep within and are spoken to you by the inner dialogue inside your head.
So how do you know if your story is coloring the lenses you see life through? Here is a 3-step process to help you determine if your old story is running the show and then what you can do about it.
Step 1: Look for clues.
Check in with your internal language. If you hear things like, "you never got it right before, so why should now be any different?", or, "you always fall of the diet wagon, so why even try?" First ask yourself how you feel when you hear things like this (can't feel too good, right?) and then notice the two words that are highlighted here: never, always. These two words are immediate red flags that an old story is coloring your perspective and preventing a whole new set of possibilities from showing up.
Step 2: "Why" is not important.
After watching too many mysteries, I tend to want to know the "why" of the matter. Certainly there are times it is important to know the answer to this, but for the sake of getting unstuck and busting through the story that's holding you back, it really isn't necessary to know "why" you tell the story and why you are stuck there. The simple act of acknowledging the story, and thanking it for whatever purpose it has served, is enough to shift it and free you to choose another one.
Step 3: Choose a new story.
Here's where you can be creative. Most people feel resistance around choosing a new story or new colored lenses to look through because it doesn't seem real or believable. As much as your old stories are limiting (yup there go those limiting beliefs again) and self-defeating, they have also become comfortable and often times a real part of the fabric of who you are. Sometimes holding on to old stories is a subconscious way of not (supposedly) betraying someone you love. This is why being gentle with yourself through this step is so important. You can tap your way through this resistance, in a gentle and loving way, in less than fifteen minutes! If you've not heard of tapping or EFT, hop on over to my website for an instructional video on how to tap and please exercise the gift of taking personal responsibility for your own well-being.
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