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Making a Woman Emotionally Happy

What's the point of making a woman emotionally happy? Well, there are a lot of reasons to do this. The first one is simply that it is a nice thing to do to make another human, male or female, happy. Second though, is a bit more selfish. If a woman is emotionally happy, she is much more likely to start dating you if she isn't yet, and continue dating you if you are already in a relationship with her.

And another great reason that a lot of guys aim to be emotionally satisfying is that a woman who is feeling good emotionally will be a lot easier to please in the bedroom. That's just a scientific fact.
But how can you do it? First thing you need to know about this is that trying really hard isn't actually the way to go. If you spend every waking minute doing everything that a woman asks you to do, she won't find it attractive, and she won't feel emotionally happy. Maybe she'll feel financially happy if you buy her things, but finance is a lot less important than emotions. You need to stay a man while being nice to her, and that can be tough to do. If a woman asks you to do something you don't want to do, you need to say no. A lot of women are looking for men who can protect them, and if you can't even stand up to her, she'll assume you can't stand up to anyone.

Obviously though, there are things you can do to make her more emotionally happy. There are two basic things that women really want emotionally. They want security, and the want significance. So those are the things you need to give to her if you want her to be emotionally satisfied with her relationship with you.
So security wise, what can you do? If you have your life together, and you have a steady income, then you are totally capable of offering security. If you also go to the gym enough that you could fight off someone who was trying to mess with her, all the better.

Significance is a bit tougher. This is the thing that gifts like rings help with. You're showing her that she's significant by spending money on her, and that means you think her happiness is more significant that money is. And that can be a very flattering thing.

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