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Why You're Happy Being Unhealthy, Fat or Skinny

Why it's easier to quit than work hard!
How many times have you decided that it's time to get fit, you know finally tackle the worries in your mind over your health or weight?

It could be you want to slim down for the next beach holiday or a new year's resolution, maybe even you have been told by your health advisor.

For whatever reason, you start off with the best intentions, buy all the latest gear, maybe get a gym membership, perhaps you may get a buddy to join you as a workout partner to give you support and keep you going and yet you still quit, fail at the first hurdle, decide you have better things to be doing?

Essentially most of us want to be fit we want to look our best.
We don't want to be out of breath climbing the stairs and we certainly don't want to be on the beach feeling embarrassed about our bodies, and yet time and time again we let ourselves down.

In the past I have been here as I am sure you have as well, the first week or two everything goes well, you're feeling good, you have that little bounce in your step then...

You miss a session, it won't hurt just this once will it?
After all you can make sure you make up for the lost session can't you?

At a guess you probably do actually make It to the next couple of workouts or two, then what happens?
You're invited out for drinks after work...
Another session missed but not to worry, you think I will get up early in the morning and workout then instead after all I'm getting fit, not turning into a recluse!

Of course we both know the result ends in two ways.
One, plain and simple you don't get up in fact your throbbing head won't allow it.
Two, you drag your sorry self out of bed make I to the gym and put in a half-hearted effort before giving up due to the feelings of nausea growing a bit too quickly in your tummy!
In the past I have been there myself and to be honest if I have to go out the night before a workout quite simply I write that session off, not all will agree with me here but if I know my efforts aren't going to be up to scratch then I know I am wasting my time.

Look it's really quite simple, if you're really dedicated to improving you're fitness, health whatever is make a training plan and stick to it!
Yep sometimes there will be reasons you can't get out of a function but make those times rare.
I like to train a minimum of 4 times a week,
Monday and Tuesday training,
Wednesday off,
Thursday and Friday training,
Weekends I leave free, if I feel I need another session then so be it I can have one, if I want to go out Saturday night, enjoy a meal and some beer or good wine, I can!
You know some trainers are way too serious and it's all about grabbing another session, doing more than their mates... To me that's crap!

Go out, have some fun, enjoy yourself after all that's what life is about!
Then when it comes to your designated training day, go for it HARD... Enjoy your training, burn off that chocolate dessert you wolfed down on Saturday night!
You see if you become a slave to exercise you will come to hate it, it will become a chore and not something of pleasure.
And once your sub-conscious has decided something really isn't fun you will soon find yourself coming up with convenient excuse after excuse to not workout.
Once you're on that slippery slope then I'm afraid you have lost the momentum, even a two week break from exercising for most people is enough to ensure that they ditch the workout until the next time they feel that health conscious kick again... And when will that be?
Next New Year's or maybe when the doctor gives you a health check and tells you your borderline obese or even worse?
Don't be giving up at any excuse, break through the initial doubts, plough forward and reap the benefits!!!
You will be glad you did!
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Matthew writes for various websites as well as being a fitness coach he also gives motivational advice for both athletes and non-athletes with goal setting and mindset being a specialty.

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