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Mastering Money And Creating Wealth And Happiness

Mastering money and financial freedom is something most all of us would be interested in doing better job of. What I've found is if your beliefs about money are negative or not optimistic, generally you will have less than you want or less than you need to survive. When you change your beliefs about money itself, you can master money. This, is turn, will lead to a more comfortable environment enabling you to create wealth and keep it.
To be honest, mastering money is not all that difficult. If you believe it's possible then it WILL BE possible for you. What you really need to do is make a conscious choice and create and overall mindset to stop programming yourself that there isn't enough money or it's too hard to get money and start programming yourself to believe that you will have all the money you need and everything you need and want because of it. This change in thought process and focus will give you the ability to master money.
It may seem like this could be very difficult to actually carry out in your life. Fortunately, there is a process which we can use to fundamentally change our mindset and attitude toward money and use this new outlook to get more of it. It's often times best to use this process when you find yourself struggling with a problem financially or even a general struggle in your personal life. You can do it in a few minutes and the results are going to help you right away in determining why you're unable to achieve your desired result or overcome your obstacles in solving your problem. It will also give you more clarity on how to solve this problem. The steps go as follows:
1. Determine the problem or struggle and describe it in general terms.
2. What emotions does the problem or struggle cause you to feel.
3. Why physical sensations are you feeling?
4. What are you thinking about?
5. Write down the worst thing that could happen from this problem or hard situation.
6. Write down the best thing that could happen.
7. What is the main fear or belief that's stopping you from creating the best thing from happening?
8. What affirmation can you create that directly contradicts whats stopping you from achieving your desired result?
9. Once you've created this affirmation, say it repeatedly (daily) for the next days, weeks, months. When you wake up, during lunch, in the evening. Keep it present in your mind for an extended period of time.
Now you've completed the excise. Give this several weeks to soak in. Then ask yourself, how do I feel? By this point, chances are this change in mindset and new positive focus is already helping you. It's time to start believing in yourself and creating your own success through positive affirmation. This exercise will bring you awareness and a renewed sense of focus, direction, and motivation which will lead to you manifesting your desire. Regardless if it's wealth, financial freedom, or a personal struggle you've tried to overcome. The magic of this is that it happens in a relaxed manner over time and does so with the highest good of all.

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