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Reasons For Success!

My reasons for success are?
You know, I love American Pickers. Now I'm not a picker, but I am older, and I remember a lot of the things that they show on American Pickers. Tonite, this one guy had beautiful old cars. I came from a family of "car people" meaning brothers who collected and restored older cars, and a brother who collected corvettes. He had a '58 convertible, a stingray, etc.
My kids are impressed that, as a female, I know the make, model, and year of many old cars when I see them, such as Thunderbirds, Chevrolets, etc. I myself had a 64 Malibu convertible in college. More recently I had a Miata, but with the heat from last summer, I ended up selling it, because it was too hot. It was also older, and I do NOT do car work, so it was going to need a lot of work, and I sold it to a young man who was going to be a mechanic. Perfect for him.
But I love my Miata on summer evenings, or May days. And a newer one is on my list.
So, I tell you all of this to share some about who I am. What are my reasons for success? Not just material items. What is my motivation to work hard and build an online business?
To me, some of the joy is in a car, because I enjoy driving a fun car, I've always loved convertibles. So, the trick is to find something that gives you joy and go for it. But don't go for it if it will put you in debt. A Reason for success for many to start an online business is to find joy and freedom. These days, many people only have the money for the basics, and need extra work to come up with the extras in life. Often, the weekly paycheck barely covers essentials. So go for it and believe you can do it. We all deserve the joy and freedom to help others and enjoy ourselves.
I personally am appalled by the grocery store prices lately. I have seen them go up tremendously, so, again, this is one of my motivations for the extra money. Life shouldn't be a struggle, but the middle class is getting hit pretty hard. So, I'm fighting back by creating other income sources. One of my reasons for success is that I also have a brand new granddaughter, along with 2 wonderful grandsons, but I see how hard it is for my kids to make it even though they and their spouses have good jobs. I want to give them some of the extras in life and that brings me great joy.
This probably doesn't mean buying them those cars I started off with, but it does mean weekends at a waterpark, or a week vacation with grandma. Our lives were always more as I raised 3 children as a single mom and I worked in social services which does not pay as well as many fields. So we all know the meaning of hard work.
Reasons For Success
But from all my online education and learning about the law of attraction, it isn't just about hard work to achieve success. It is about designing your life. And it has worked. I thought I had it before, but this winter things clicked even more. I would compare it to something that is multi-layered with a marshmallow center. Some people compare the peeling away to an onion, but a marshmallow centered cupcake is much better!!! It just has many layers.
Each layer was a journey, and the marshmallow center is the abundance. Now I get it. But we have to already live the abundance and know it. We can't just think it and say it, we have to FEEL it.
Be in that new Miata driving it, buying my kids tickets for that dream vacation for everyone, feeling the freedom and joy that comes from not having to worry about. What does it FEEL Like to you!! Thought + Emotion!! How do I feel when I'm helping others?
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