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Sir Henry Wotton And The Character Of Happy Life

A brief biography:
Henry Wotton (1568-1639) was born in Kent, the son of a man of gentle countryside. He was educated at Winchester School and Oxford, where he was first in the New College and Queen's University. He was a man of trust and corresponding Earl of Essex, a prominent figure in the court of Queen Elizabeth. On his return to England, he became one of the secretaries of Essex in 1594 and went to East Temple to study law. In early 1601, he fled to England on the failure of the revolt of Essex. In 1602, he made a romantic trip under the false name of Italy in Scotland, where he was brought before the Scottish king James VI, a report of Tuscany there was a plot to assassinate Jacques him.When VI of Scotland inherited the throne of England as Jacques I of England, expressed his gratitude for the gentleman to him immediately. Sir Henry Wotton James served as ambassador for the next twenty years in Venice. He defined an ambassador as "an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country." He led an important mission in 1602, the court of Emperor Ferdinand in Vienna to conduct negotiations on behalf of the Jame daughter, the Queen of Bohemia. This experience inspired him to compose your most beautiful poem "his mistress, the Queen of Bohemia." After retiring from the Foreign Service, was installed as rector of Eton College . King James never forgot their allegiance to him and his daughter and gave her a generous pension in 1627, which was more than double three years later. past fifteen years of life has formed an eventful career Wotton near quiet, that of a diplomat truly distinguished scholar and poet.
Different aspects of a happy life:
The character of a happy life is a poem by the deeply religious spirit. It has to do with life and the virtue of a good man. According to him, this is a happy man who is born into this world is brighter and taught here selfishnessless based on knowledge, honesty, sincerity and simplicity. Filths defends all this world and enlighten their spirituality. Such education eradicates vanity existence and is happy in his work.
The happy man is never its master passion. They are subject to their will, as they have to do with worldly glory. These passions extend its reputation in the society and people begin to talk in secret. The honest man is all leading figures spiritual and not worry about the public or private interview glory. Their existence makes the center of the world, but his penchant for spirituality and the world is now. Then his soul always remember death and prepare for it. This means that your virtual self is ready to welcome him, because he knows that man happy and united. Its rhythm is different and leads to the house of lordsThe virtuous man or a man of real life and happy is simple. Your inner being or existence is pure as a newborn baby. Never mix contempt for those whom fortune favors. It is straightforward, because it is man spiritually ambitious. In the house of the simplicity and sincerity, the defect is not permitted. It is under the arch of love, virtue, simplicity and honesty where such service is always ahead. In life as beautiful, praise is a great disappointment and a way to bring the wounded vanity that makes a lot in mind and body. This man has no desire to rule over men, but to govern well.
In his poem, the virtuous man is happy, not only in the promise of a heavenly reward, but also enjoy a quiet life of virtue in this world. His life is quite unusual and Free rumors. Human species inflicted rumor and boring. Bring the concerns and makes life happier noisy. Your conscience is weak, but it has a strong determination Unfalling. In such a state, and the adulation never does cpnpiarcy efforts to disrupt or increase the likelihood that bothers you. So an honest sycophants flee your state. Not only that, but even the oppressors never dare ruin his glorious state.
There are similarities between this poem and Compion The Life of Man Up Right. Both are related to the life and virtues of a good man. The honest man is always satisfied and happy and bows before God for his grace. He never acts like a selfish person. He is happy and grateful to God Almighty. When a person is totally dedicated to God, the days do not seem harmful. He loves every day with great spirit and love in the company of a religious book. The honest man accompanies great things on the basis of spiritual direction and accuracy, how your life can be miseable.
In the last stanza, the poet jumps to the conclusion that such a man is free from slavery. It runs on tracks virtuous and honest never exploded or derail. All their hopes and fears are linked with it. He reigns over himself, but has no hope of governing the country. Your happy life does not apply to any property that is the property that makes glorious in this world and in the life here after

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