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Living a Life of Balance - 3 Biggest Energy Sucking Mistakes That Keep People From a Happy Life

Society moves at the speed of light and seems to be gaining speed all the time. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to catch their breath and find time to relax. Many clients come to me wanting to have a more balanced life and happy, but feel that it is more difficult to achieve.
Are you one of them?
Here are three of the biggest mistakes that prevent people from living a happy and balanced, and what to do instead:
Mistake # 1 - Being focused outward rather than inward-oriented
"Keeping up with the Joneses" has become the mantra of many people. We are very concerned about what other people say that if we do not maintain a certain appearance, whether in our homes, our cars, our children what we do, what we do, etc. .. Our sense of security comes from external things. We accumulate more and more just to feel that they still need more. We have our children more. We are constantly trying to fill our schedule and can not relax if you have a free minute, because we believe that there must be something we need to do. Even on vacation, we take our laptops and our smartphones to keep in touch and stay busy. All these things keep us focused outside of what we are and prevent them from feeling happy, balanced and secure.
What to do instead
Understand that you can not do everything, and more, I do not want anything. Choose the things you do and commit. The first step to living a happy and balanced, this is who you are and why you must look inside.
Make a list of everything that you do and go through it and ask yourself what each thing on the list. He also wondered what the feeling is associated with each element. Is the item you bring joy or stress? If stress, it can be lifted? If you can not give it up, is there a way to change that it brings you joy instead of stress?
Once you have gone through your list, get rid of as many of these things that you do that make you stress free as possible. Free your time and add things that bring you joy, whether reading a book, taking a walk, get a massage or another. Look inside of those things that bring you joy and many add to their normal schedule as possible.
Mistake # 2 - Be the future or the past centered rather concentrated
I think a lot of people, I've done that, make live return to the future or the past. "When I have my perfect match, I'll be happy." "If only I had more money, I would travel." "If only I was in school, I would be more forward now." Statements like these keep evil people look to the future or living in the past and live for something that will never be, because the future is here and the past is behind us. By focusing on the future or that people spend focusing on the source of stress, and stress that prevents them from feeling happy and balanced.
What to do instead
Understand that the only time that a certain power, which can be changed is the present moment. Staying focused on what you are doing at the moment they are actually in a place that has "real" power. Become a simple question can stay focused on the present. This question is "what can I do now?" By keeping this issue at the center of your mind is to stay in the present moment. Equilibrium and happiness comes from being in the present moment.
Mistake # 3 - rather than
I've heard many times my clients: "I am constantly busy, but I never feel like I accomplish something." They run here, which speak to this person, the creation of this quote - are occupied, but rather in the sense of a headless chicken, rather than targeted. He had become an epidemic, being busy and not accomplish anything. This is what I call "do more than be. "
What to do instead
Have you ever heard of the 80/20. He says that 80% of the effort usually achieved only about 20% of your score, while 20% of their effort made 80% of its income. I found that my clients this is generally true. I think "do" is 80% of the effort of many people, while "being" is 20%.
Check their daily tasks and see if they produce the results you want. If this is the case, keep them. If not, see if you can prevent them or see if you can change to get the results you want. The balance and happiness just do not feel like you are spinning your wheels. By focusing on the 20%, you can do more with less effort and will help you feel more balanced ..
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