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I don't know if you've noticed this yet...
- Success -
How do you get it?
- Happiness -
How do you get it?

Success and happiness start in the mind and end in you living the life you want.
What does that mean?

It means the ideas, the beliefs, the expectations you have directly effect your current position in regards to where you want to be.

In NLP we have what's could the 'as if frame' - can you act as if you have it already.
In hypnosis we believe that if you act out a pretense for long enough, it eventually becomes reality - anything that assumes trance, causes trance.
If you believe that you're successful and happy in your mind then things will start happening in your life that will reflect your mindset.

The same is true if you believe that you will never get ahead, there's no jobs, the economy is bad, I look fat, I have no energy, people don't like me, I don't like me, I can never find a good relationship, I'm shy, all of these thoughts/beliefs/expectations will manifest themselves in your life as a reflection of your mindset.

This is not magic nor is it anything airy fairy, its simply that you will create behaviors to support your thoughts.
The thoughts you hold in your mind constantly constitute suggestions to your unconscious mind.
Your unconscious mind is the part of you that creates and maintains habits and behaviors.
Your unconscious mind is the part of your that you are unconscious of right... Now.
Think about it, your weren't really aware of your breathing until you just read this, and now you can't help but notice it. Your most likely ain't aware of your heart beating away or at least not until you just read this and now you may start to really feel it.

Its funny when a client says "Well I just don't think I can trust my unconscious mind", the response is "Did you sleep well last night?"
The client replies "Yes"
I then say "Then who breathed you while you were asleep?"

The fact of the matter is that your unconscious mind is responsible for doing many amazing things - it controls your breathing, heart beating, blinking, regulates temperature, it handles all your behaviors that you no longer have to think about doing i.e; driving, walking, running, and so forth.

It is also the domain of the emotions, the creator and maintainer of behaviors/habits.
It does everything simultaneously.
All learning is unconscious, and all learning is the product of repetition.

Now the conscious mind is the logical, critical part of your mind. Its job is to make decisions and it can only handle one thought at a time.
The conscious mind tends to be overloaded when presented with roughly seven or more bit of information in one chunk (chunk means a group, as in a group of ideas), something that we use to our advantage in hypnotherapy.

The conscious mind operates sequentially.
Your unconscious mind is the goal getter and your conscious mind is the goal setter.
In a battle, the conscious mind will always lose to the unconscious mind and that's where some people have conflict - conflicts between what they consciously want and what their unconscious values and beliefs are.

What happens when you provide your unconscious mind with suggestions of success and happiness on a consistent basis?
Do you think it will create patterns of behavior to support your suggestions?

The reason NLP and Hypnosis is so effective is because it works with the conscious and unconscious mind to deliver fantastic, rapid, and lasting changes.

My names Todd Pierce and I work with clients on a regular basis helping them to create the life they want.
I am a certified Trainer of NLP,Time Line Therapy and NLP Coaching as well as a certified Hypnotherapist.
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