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Who Said Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Today, money has become a big power in the world and you control the lives of many people in this world. If you have money in your pocket, then you can easily influence others and create a good place for himself in society. People do many jobs they do and do not want to migrate to different countries to earn money only.
Money is only one language that is understood by all people, regardless of their country and the local language. It is very difficult to make good money in this world and we just need a little work, good leadership and a little luck.
I do not know if money can buy happiness durable, but I firmly believe that money can buy happiness. A great moment of happiness! (I can hear people screaming already. Come that money can not buy.) Money, unless you bring momentary joy. It may be of short duration, may be transient, but the fact is that makes you happy. Let's face!
Call me materialistic or superficial, but mark my material possessions make me happy. More the number of zeros on my salary, the happier I am. A new dress revives the spirit, of the hip clothing make me happy, a new piece of furniture animates my living room, a ratio of fashionable bag increases my happiness, joy brings new shoes, cosmetics and accessories make my day! I speak with the utmost honesty here!
Now I'm not saying I need a Lexus to make me happy. Not that I need to make me happy diamonds dress. I do not say that if I had it now, I'd be a happier person. I'm not falling into self-pity, while comparing me to the girl next door. Do not misunderstand my statement. What money makes life easier ... much much much easier!
It is a natural, very human trait of wanting more. If you have an apartment with a sea view, you set your hopes on a bungalow with sea view
As "true happiness comes from within, creating deep human relationships, relationships, giving, spiritual wealth, not material wealth. But enjoy material pleasures is not a sin!
I know that money buys as false friends, relatives pretentious, flattery, stress and problems even on their way. Even Ambani are fighting for their share of problems, including the legendary LN Mittal may be sleeping peacefully. Even the famous investor Warren Buffet is not a man without stress, but even the beggar drive can not sleep on an empty stomach, even the middle class milieu concerned himself to sleep! Even living in the neighborhood lives a miserable life is a worried man!
I have no objection to claim that money is a recipe for unhappiness and frustration in great need. It meets at least a large part of their problems, if not all their problems.
I know ... Money can buy a bed but not sleep. The appetite of food, but no. Room, but not at home. But I can not imagine my life without money and material happiness is guaranteed. Happiness may be temporary, but even relationships come with an expiration date ... This does not mean to break ties with people! Life comes with an expiration date ... This does not stop living! Why material happiness, then?
The equation between happiness and money is a mystery. I know that this topic is subjective, is highly debatable so let me conclude by saying money can rent happiness, but it can not buy happiness!
Manali is an interesting, unpredictable, moody, a computer engineer by profession, but the mind of a dreamer.
For all others, I am a perfectionist, for me, I'm a fighter every day. I have a simple philosophy in life, live and let live.

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