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Tips For Choosing A Voice Over Coach NYC

Coach NYC
By Kathryn Neal

There are a lot of opportunities out there for voice actors. While people tend to think of this profession in terms of animation or commercial jingles they can also include audio adaptations of books, satellite navigation systems and a wide array of work that needs someone with the ability to effectively communicate with their voice. In order to find the right work for you it pays to find the right voice over coach NYC.

The first thing to realise is that voice work does not begin and end with cartoons. For example you could do narration for audio versions of story books or do the voiceover for a commercial. Instructional DVDs, satellite navigation systems and many other things require someone with the right voice.

With only a couple of exceptions most voiceover work takes place in a recording studio with one person doing the work and someone else recording it. While some editing can be used the best effect is the person and how they communicate words and this has to be delivered effectively.

In some respects this can be similar to a coach of a sporting team. Someone can have natural athletic talent but this does not mean they can run a marathon or be the captain of a team. What a coach can do is look at how a person speaks and develops their abilities so that they can feel confident in front of a microphone.

However if you can go to a class in person it is worth it. Ideally you want to use the recording equipment that will be used in a professional context. This means as you develop your vocal skills you also become more comfortable using the equipment so that when the time comes you will not panic when facing a microphone for the first time and will be able to treat it in much the same way as during a class.

It is also a good idea to check online first before signing up to a class. While a lot of people who offer this kind of service are honest there is the danger that people leave themselves vulnerable to scammers. This is why doing a quick search about the company and people involved can help to make sure that the person doing the coaching is genuine.

You should also ask them if they know anyone in the industry. If they have been working in voiceovers for a long time then they ought to have some advice to help you get started. It is up to you to get the full value from your classes and this includes seeing how you can get work in between coaching sessions.

You can find a number of voice over coach NYC listings online, offering both pay as you go sessions and classes that you can book in advance. Check carefully and do some research before making a final decision. It is worth getting feedback on their services so that you can find the best coaching to suit your personal needs and long term career goals.

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