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What Learning Disabilities Need Applied Behavior Analysis: Who definition of learning disability

who definition of learning disability
By Jennie Sandoval

Learning disabilities definition and Who definition of learning disability :
A lot of kids these days are suffering from disabilities that make it difficult for them to learn. As this is the case, a lot of teachers and parents appreciate the existence of applied behavior analysis California. With such a procedure, he should be able to communicate with those children who are yet to develop their learning abilities.

One of those disabilities that will make it difficult for one to improve his learning abilities is dyslexia. Dyslexia is the kind of disease where the child will experience some difficulty in reading. This basically means that he will have some problems with his reading skills, writing skills, taking on spelling, and sometimes even speaking.

Dyscalculia is another one too. It is a common disorder that affects the child's learn. This is especially evident if the person looks at the affected kid's ability to comprehend mathematics. The disorder will make the child have some troubles when they are trying to solve math problems, use currencies, or understand time.

Another learning disability that the person should pay attention to is dysgraphia. In this type of learning disability, the person should know that those who have this disorder will suffer a lot with writing. This especially has an effect on the kid's skills for spelling, handwriting, and organizing simple to complex ideas. He should address the issue since these skills are very important for any person.

Dyspraxia should be considered well too. He should know that this is the type of learning disorder that he will have to get addressed as soon as possibility. With this type, he will have to deal with the disorder that affects the fine motor skills of the child. This type of learning disorder is actually known as sensory integration disorder too.

It will also help be of great help for the person if he has an idea on what dysphasia or aphasia is. If the person is suffering from this kind of problem, then he will certainly have some problems with language. To elaborate, he will be having a lot of problems with understanding the spoken language and even has poor reading comprehension.

There are others who will suffer from the auditory processing disorder. This is the kind of disorder where the person will suffer from any difficulty with hearing the differences between sounds. This will have a big impact on the ability of the person to learn through reading, comprehension, and even language.

It will be difficult for the person to interpret any visual information if he is suffering from the illness named visual processing disorder. This basically tells him that the child with this disorder will suffer from those problems related to reading, maps, math, symbols, pictures, and even charts. Shapes are the most difficult for the person to understand about.

He should learn more about the disability and the possible treatment that he can receive. This is the reason why one is recommended to learn more about applied behavior analysis California. This is the reason why he will become too valuable for his own good. He should be able to address a variety of learning disability problems if he has a thorough knowledge about the said issue.

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