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How To Make A Difference In The World Through Change

By Amanda Baird

There comes a time in one's life when they feel the call to give back and do something to change the way things are. There is that desire to have an effect on the lives of others but just do not have a clue of how to begin. There are many options that show how to make a difference in the world whether that be in a literal physical alteration or getting people to look at things in a whole new way.

When most people start thinking about being an instrument of change, their thoughts almost immediately go to people whose actions have earned them great notoriety. The truth of the matter is that the majority of positive differences begin with small steps from folks who never become famous. The thing to remember is that it only takes a little spark to start a wild fire.

To begin changing the world, one must first look deep inside themselves. It starts by truly knowing where they stand on particular issues, what one's own moral code is and what their personal limits are. Understanding one's own strengths and weaknesses can show the most productive use of their talents to elicit the biggest effect.

Though it may sound cliche', volunteers create changes every single day, often without even realizing exactly how deeply they affect others or how far their influence reaches. From food kitchens to hotlines, blood banks and fund raisers, there are no shortages of places and causes that are in need of people to give their time and heart. Building homes and cleaning up parks and roadsides are still more ways to make an impact.

A kind smile or gentle deed is something that once someone receives it, they are motivated to share it. Being moved by the unselfishness and encouragement of another often sparks a desire to give that same feeling to someone else and spread the love. As it passes from one person to the next, that first little gesture grows and before long it has touched more people than the giver ever imagined.

The key to new future thinking starts with today's youth. By volunteering with organizations that focus on giving kids an advantage they may not otherwise get, one can make an impact that lasts a lifetime. Young people often grow up emulating that one mentor from their early days that took the time to care and they end up sharing those lessons with others in their lives.

Another way to give back and have a big impact in the lives of others is to commit to caring for the elderly or disabled. These people should be made to feel valued and that their stories are still important. While it may not solve the issues of war or cure diseases, it will touch the hearts and lives of another.

The options of how to make a difference in the world are vast and limited only by the walls one builds inside of themselves. Living by example is perhaps the most important way a single person can create change, even on the most rudimentary level, in every person they interact with on a daily basis. When individuals speak up on the causes they truly believe in, eyes and minds are open to all of the possibilities.

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