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How To Make Special Tree Skirts To Use At Christmas Time

By Debra Cooley

A fun plan for Christmas could be making family tree skirts. It commemorates the year to not mention captures the little hand prints of your youngsters. It could even be created and given as a present for the grandparents.

Consider experimenting with different prints on the skirt. As an example, you would possibly embrace the total family's prints, your kids' feet beside their hands, or perhaps embrace a print from your pet. You could trace around your child's hand with a pencil and then paint them in. You could also trace your kids' hands onto felt, cut out the hand shapes, and glue them onto the tree skirt.

Take your fabric in hand, fold your fabric into horizontally, after that, fold it in half vertically. Find the center of the material and then mark where the center is.

Cut a hole through the fabric. Place one end of the yardstick at the center, measure outward about thirty inches, and mark another mark. Make a every few inches to generate a great shaped arc. Cut your cloth along this marked area. Make sure the fabric is the right size; you need at least sixty inches of fabric.

If you want a different approach at making the hole, open up the material that you previously folded, place it on the middle dot, and trace around it. Cut it directly along the marks you jut drew going all the way to the middle dot, then cut out the mug-size shape.

Lay the material right side down. Squeeze a foot of glue on the border of the tree skirt. Bring the edge over about half an inch or as much as you would like to hem, and press it all the way down to secure it. Continue gluing foot length segments until you've hemmed up the complete skirt, then use the same method to hem the middle circle and then the slit line. Let the glue completely dry. Trim it twelve inches at a time, glue some flowery gold trim round the fringe of the tree skirt for an extra hit of glitz, let the glue dry.

Pour a shallow pool of gold acrylic craft paint on the plate. One at a time, have every kid press her palm into the paint thus it's coated, then have her press it down firmly and equally on the skirt. Advise her to not wiggle her hand on the skirt and to raise it straight up once she is finished. If the prints area unit uneven, you'll be able to fill in skinny spots with a applier and a few gold paint. Otherwise you will utterly paint over the hand print with gold glitter paint, as shown here.

Have every kid use the squeeze bottle of paint to write down her name next to her hand print. Again, practicing on paper may be useful. Cut the ornament form from the felt, use the squeeze bottle of paint to add the date, and let it dry. Glue the ornament onto the skirt, close to the hand prints. Place the middle hole round the tree stand and arrange the skirt around the base or wrap up a few of your freshly made tree skirts for gifts.

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